The Mori Building Digital Art Museum in Tokyo employs 520 computers and 470 projectors within a 106,000-square-foot, 3-D space to display about 50 digital works of art. Everything is interactive — there is a way for visitors to engage with each display and make their experience unique. There is also a borderless theme, meaning the displays sometimes project beyond their designated spaces and interact with each other.

In the Athletics Forest, visitors can climb over illuminated obstacles and get on a giant trampoline surrounded by changing images of the universe. The works in this section are said to promote growth of the brain’s hippocampus and hone special recognition abilities.

Kids can have their drawings projected onto a wall that simulates an aquarium in the Sketch Aquarium, and cups in the tea house project flowers onto their contents. And in the Forest of Resonating Lamps, visitors can stand near one of hundreds of LED lamps hanging from the ceiling. It will change to a certain color, which will slowly spread to other lamps and blend with spreading colors from other users.

You can learn more from the museum website.