According to the ride-hailing company, an estimated 15 million registered voters didn’t turn out in 2016 merely because of transportation issues. So on Election Day this year, Nov. 6, Lyft will be offering 50 percent off or free rides to the polls for those who need them.

The company announced Thursday that it will be partnering with organizations like Nonprofit Vote, TurboVote and to distribute 50%-off promo codes for rides on Election Day. The goal is for these codes to be given, through these organizations, to voters who otherwise would have no way of getting to the polls.

Free rides will also be given to voters in underserved communities thanks to additional partnerships with nonprofit and nonpartisan groups such as the National Federation for the Blind, Voto Latino, and local affiliates of the Urban League.

Last but not least, Lyft will use its many channels to push for voter registration before Nov. 6, including social media reminders and push notifications about registration deadlines, and even in-office registration options for employees.