A brand-new biometric facial comparison system was just installed at the Washington Dulles International Airport, and it’s already proving its worth. The system, used for entry and exit on international flights, uses facial recognition technology to search for IDs associated with the faces it scans.

A passenger arriving on an international flight from Brazil was detained when the system pulled up an ID that didn’t match the passport he carried. The passport was identified as a fake and the other ID that the system found was discovered hidden in his shoe.

“Facial recognition technology is an important step forward for CBP [U.S. Customs and Border Protection] in protecting the United States from all types of threats,” said Casey Durst, director of CBP’s Baltimore field office. “Terrorists and criminals continually look for creative methods to enter the U.S. including using stolen genuine documents. The new facial recognition technology virtually eliminates the ability for someone to use a genuine document that was issued to someone else.”