Sol Lipman, the man behind software companies Tomfoolery and Rally Up — now owned by Yahoo and AOL, respectively — is at it again with a new startup called YaDoggie. This new dog wellness company — they prefer this label to dog tech company — has introduced smart tech to the realm of dog food with a new smart scoop.

The scoop uses Bluetooth to send a smartphone alert to everyone in the house when the dog has been fed. It also has an LED that illuminates when someone picks up the scoop — red if the dog has already been fed, and green if not, just in case they didn’t check their phone. Additionally, the scoop uses an algorithm to predict when the dog food is running low, and places an order with YaDoggie for more.

“We thought to build a device to measure food, notify people in the household that the dog has been fed and allow them to know they’re about to run out of food,” Lipman told TechCrunch.