Researchers at Denmark’s Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design have used smart tech to tackle the problem of picking the right music to fit the mood, without taking too long and killing it.

The solution: Let your table pick.

Called the Classyfier, this smart table uses a microphone to detect what drinks are being served around it, and then a machine learning algorithm determines what music to play to fit the mood.

“Have you been in situations where the mood dropped because someone took forever to decide which music to play?” Kelvyn Marte, one of the table’s designers, told Digital Trends. “The Classyfier is a table that automatically chooses music to fit the current situation. It does that by picking up the characteristic sounds of beverages consumed around it, [such as] the clinking of wine glasses or the sound of opening a can of beer. It basically takes the role of the designated DJ so that people can focus on other things.”