A recent requirement by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) states that all hybrid and electric vehicles make some sort of noise for the benefit of pedestrians, especially those who are blind or have impaired vision. The DOT said that its ruling is intended to “help prevent about 2,400 pedestrian injuries each year once all hybrids [sold in the US] are properly equipped.” Nissan announced in a Wednesday press release that its EVs will do this by playing a song.

An original piece, the “song," called Canto, begins playing when the vehicle reaches speeds of 12 to 19 mph and changes in tone and pitch when the car slows or increases its speed. “'Canto' has been developed to help with pedestrian safety, as well as to provide a distinct Nissan sound — one that is energizing and confident, authentic to our brand and representing our unique position in the electrified marketplace,” said Daniele Schillaci, Nissan’s executive vice president for global marketing sales, zero-emission vehicles and the battery business, in the press release.

You can listen to the song in the video below.