Before you get too excited, you should know that the 3-D prints are not life-size.

Formed in January 2017, Beheld is a new startup that wants to provide 3-D scanning stations that allow you to send and print action figure-sized versions of yourself. The process is quite simple, just enter the kiosk and hold still. The scanner captures 360-degree images and pieces them together. You can send anyone an electronic copy for free, or for $40 you can print yourself.

“What separates us from others in the industry is: We are making 3D scanning an experience,” said Kat Kinkead, Beheld CEO, who created the company alongside her business partner Peter Weijmarshausen. “We’re taking the components which already exist, and neatly tying them together to create a truly fun and memorable experience for consumers while simultaneously creating a turnkey experience for businesses. We’re placing scanners in an environment that makes them accessible to everyone.”