In an effort to reduce ocean pollution caused by the production and disposal of plastic water bottles, a group of ocean advocates has launched a reusable water bottle, called the Closca Bottle, that comes with an app to help you keep your bottle full without having to buy a new one.

It’s quite simple: The app will provide you with the closest locations where you can find a refill, such as a coffee shop, restaurant or retail store. The idea is to get people in the habit of making just a little extra effort to reuse their water bottles, rather than buying plastic ones so they can just throw them away when they’re done.

The Closca Bottle is also designed to be more convenient to carry around than a plastic bottle, thanks to its carrying flap. The silicon flap magnetically attaches to the bottle and can be used to easily strap it to almost anything, meaning you don’t have to try to fit it inside a purse or pocket and can also make it easy to reach.