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How can underwater speakers help revitalize coral reefs?

Answer: By tricking fish into doing all the work.

by Kate Albrecht / December 3, 2019

There is no shortage of solutions out there to combating the die-off of coral reefs, but the latest is definitely a new one. In a study conducted between October and December 2019, an international team of scientists found that they might be able to use technology to trick fish into revitalizing dying sections of coral reef.

It works by placing underwater loudspeakers around damaged coral sites and then playing sounds made by healthy coral. Young fish looking for their own coral to call home hear the sounds and may choose to settle there. Fish help keep their coral homes healthy by cleaning up the dead reef, allowing for new healthy coral to grow.

“Boosting fish populations in this way could help to kick-start natural recovery processes, counteracting the damage we’re seeing on many coral reefs around the world,” said the University of Exeter’s Tim Gordon, the study’s lead author.

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