What tech company is getting into the fashion industry?

Answer: Google

by / February 7, 2017

Android users are about to get way more stylish.

Last year Google released to developers its Awareness API, which enables apps created through Google Play to sense all aspects of a user’s environment, from their location and nearby Bluetooth beacons to the weather and if they’re walking or running. Now in a collaboration between Google and clothing retailer H&M’s digital fashion house Ivyrevel, a new app will pick up on the users’ surroundings and create a “data dress” tailored just for them.

The app will determine whether you tend to eat out or stay home for dinner, whether it’s cold where you live or if you’ll need lighter-weight fabrics to be comfortable. It will even be able to tell whether you’re more likely to hang out with friends in more formal or causal settings. After a week of taking in as much data about your life as possible, the information will pass through an algorithm that produces the design for your personal digitally tailored dress.

While the app is still in development, reports indicate that dress prices will start at $99. 

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