Contactless payment for public transit is coming to which major city?

Answer: New York City.

Beginning May 31, a limited number of stops on the city’s public transit system will allow riders to use a tap-and-pay system. The OMNY system will be available on all Staten Island buses and the 4,5 and 6 subway lines between Grand Central-42 Street and Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center stations. The city’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) expects to roll out OMNY to all bus and subway lines by 2020.

The system uses near-field communication (NFC) technology to accept payments with the tap of a contactless credit, debit, reloadable prepaid card, smartphone or wearable. At first, riders will only be able to use OMNY to pay per ride, though MTA plans to add more options, like passes, in the future. The system doesn’t support cash payments; however, Digital Trends reports that there could be a physical card coming that could be loaded via cash payments.

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