Is there actually a dating app for Tesla owners?

Answer: No, but there might be soon.

The emblem of a Tesla Model S.
The emblem of a Tesla Model S.
Now that the idea is out there, though, who knows if Elon Musk might act on it.

News sites started buzzing recently about a new dating app that was just for Tesla owners. It turns out, however, that the app isn’t real — yet. The news was actually about a website, Tesla Dating Co., created by a Canadian developer, Ajitpal Grewal. According to The Verge, Grewal confirmed that he created the site as a parody, just to see how much interest it would attract.

And it attracted a lot. Grewal said that as of Aug. 21, 1,000 people had signed up on the site. Grewal said he would consider creating the app for real if there was enough interest — looks like he might have to seriously consider it now.

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