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What do you call a typeface from hell?

Answer: Hellvetica.

Just in time for Halloween, someone has created something that the likes of editors and graphic designers should find truly scary. Creative directors Zack Roif and Matthew Woodward have put a demonic spin on one of the world’s favorite typefaces: Welcome to Hellvetica.

This terrifying alteration to an otherwise appealing font was achieved through one simple change. The kerning, or the space between each letter, is randomly altered so that some letters are touching while others are far apart. The result is extremely disconcerting to look at, leaving the viewer with a slightly dizzy and disoriented feeling. It’s wrong, but only by a little bit, which somehow makes it more aggravating.

Helvetica, the normal version, is one of the most widely used typefaces of the modern era. It appears everywhere from the New York City subway to income tax forms to all iPhones before 2015. For the sake of everyone’s sanity, let’s hope none of those platforms decide to adopt Hellvetica.

Kate is a senior copy editor in Northern California. She holds a bachelor's degree in English with a minor in professional writing from the University of California, Davis.
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