Protect Your Elections – Insights and Considerations for 2018 Election Readiness

2018 is pivotal year for the integrity of our electoral process. The need to safeguard your election infrastructure is more critical than ever. Read on to learn how to make proactive provisions to protect your elections.

by Akamai / October 8, 2018
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2018 is a pivotal year for the integrity of our electoral process.  The threat to the digital infrastructure of our elections is proliferating to a level that has not been seen before.  Officials are working tirelessly to protect your vote by proactively identifying vulnerabilities and targeting threats that may compromise our process.  Cloud Security provider Akamai has been actively working to provide various State, Local and Federal level threat reporting.  As a follow-up from our previous State-level election threat report, Akamai is offering interested electoral bodies the ability to preemptively safeguard their infrastructure during this year's elections at no.* 

With election-related cyberattacks becoming increasingly widespread, new security challenges emerging, and online vulnerabilities being leveraged to compromise our systems, this enterprise threat protection will be offered throughout the 2018 election cycle to help ensure the integrity of our election procedures.  Malicious actors, foreign and domestic, attempting to influence and obstruct the electoral process is an attack on the founding principles that govern democracy, and a danger to those entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing elections at all levels.

Cyber threat protection at individual State and County voter registration sites has never been easier, with no hardware or software changes, Akamai's recursive DNS based solution Enterprise Threat Protector can be configured to secure your elections network in a matter of minutes. 

Enterprise Threat Protector with Akamai Cloud Security Intelligence works in conjunction with your current security infrastructure to protect your elections network from the following threats:

  • Allowing employees to unknowingly accessing Phishing links
  • Exposing sensitive data and credentials to foreign and domestic hackers
  • Allowing Malware to access external command-and-control servers and tampering with elections data
  • Succumbing to Ransomware attacks and networks being held hostage until payment is made

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