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Is Equity a Factor for San Diego Streetlight Cam Deployment?

San Diego, California / March 3, 2020

Chattanooga, Tenn., Nets $110M in Smart City Research Projects

Chattanooga, Tennessee / February 24, 2020

Stafford, Va., Aims to Become Model Community with Tech Work

Stafford, Virginia / February 24, 2020

Buffalo, N.Y., Mayor Outlines Extensive Smart City Plans

Buffalo, New York / February 21, 2020

Hampton, Va., Deploys Smart Lights with Police Camera Tech

Hampton, Virginia / February 14, 2020

San Diego Committee Wants Law to Address Smart Street Lights

San Diego, California / January 30, 2020

San Diego to Consider New Smart Streetlight Privacy Policy

San Diego, California / January 29, 2020

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