Missouri CIO Tim Robyn to Resign

After a decade overseeing technology in Missouri, Tim Robyn will move on.

by / October 22, 2015
Photo by David Kidd

On Nov. 15, Missouri CIO Tim Robyn will resign to make way for his replacement, Rich Kliethermes.

Robyn has led technology projects in Missouri that saved millions of dollars and pushed operations toward optimal efficiency. In last year's Digital States Survey, Missouri was one of just three states to receive an A grade.

Robyn helped push initiatives as whimsical as the 100 Missouri Miles Challenge, a website designed to encourage citizens to exercise and share their progress through social media, to as crucial as the consolidation of the state's data centers and the proliferation of cybersecurity efforts that keep state networks as safe as possible. Data sharing initiatives launched by the Information Technology Services Division (ITSD) under Robyn resulted in reductions of hospital use by Medicaid recipients by 20 percent.

Robyn was recognized this year as one of Government Technology's Top 25 Doers, Dreamers and Drivers. One of his latest projects was a huge legacy modernization initiative that will replace Missouri’s tax collection, unemployment insurance, offender management and workers’ compensation systems.

Robyn has served Missouri since 2005. He first joined ITSD in 2009 as deputy CIO where he oversaw the state's ERP system, before being appointed acting CIO in 2012 and then officially state CIO in 2013.

In an email to Government Technology, Robyn explained that it was simply time for him to move on to something else, and that he expected good things to come from his replacement.

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