What if Government Embraced Holacracy?

Holacracy is not a lack of structure; it is a new way of structure that allows organizations to be more agile and to more rapidly adapt to change.

by , / October 9, 2015

Final Thoughts

It is very rare that you will find someone who likes bureaucracy and politics. Unfortunately those are necessary evils in a traditional organizational structure. When authority is seeded from the top down, you will always have the risk of egos, emotions and personal agendas getting in the way of progress. That is unfortunate because most people just want to do meaningful work. Accomplishing that is very difficult when you have to go through layers of authority. So instead, many people just give up and only do what they are told. There has to be a better way, and maybe Holacracy is the answer.

Give it a try. What do you have to lose? Start small and collect as much data as you can. Just make sure and give it a good, honest effort. Operate completely under Holacracy in one small part of your organization — don’t just pick and choose the easy stuff. Who knows, it may change the way your organization operates for the next 100 years.

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Dustin Haisler Chief Innovation Officer, e.Republic Inc.

Dustin Haisler is the Chief Innovation Officer of Government Technology's parent company e.Republic. Previously the finance director and later CIO for Manor, Texas, a small city outside Austin, Haisler quickly built a track record and reputation as an early innovator in civic tech. As Chief Innovation Officer, Haisler has a strategic role to help shape the company’s products, services and future direction. Primarily, he leads e.Republic Labs, a market connector created as an ecosystem to educate, accelerate and ultimately scale technology innovation within the public sector. Read his full bio.

Tim Howell Contributing Writer

Tim Howell is a former government technology and innovation guru for multiple government agencies across the state of Texas. His leadership and tech savvy quickly landed him at the bleeding edge of the public-sector market. Recently, he has taken his years of experience and success and founded made4gov.  By rethinking government content and promoting healthy discussions, he helps government agencies adapt to new technologies and meet the growing demands of citizens. Tim is also the author of the Innovation PACT, The No-Nonsense Guide to Sustainable Innovation. You can download the first section of Tim’s new book at http://www.innovationpact.com/free.

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