A Safer Colorado- through Security Excellence

May 21
Duration: 60 minutes

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Governments have always been serious about security.  However, over the last several years, our nation has been hit extremely hard by blatant attacks that have taken security to a heightened level of consciousness that requires an even more profound commitment from all parties involved to ensure our safety.

The State of Colorado took on the mission, Secure Colorado, at a time when Colorado’s budget was very low for funding security solutions. Launching the Secure Colorado Project became a reality, making a Safer Colorado through a comprehensive approach that had true legitimacy from a coalition made up of experts from state government and nationally recognized cyber security experts. The Colorado Information Security Advisory Board was created – providing an overall framework that is policy driven, focused on addressing the security areas that provided the highest returns, requiring results that are measurable, and securing the proper tools, services and staff training as deemed, while maintaining the flexibility to adjust to unknowns as they arise.

This webinar will provide critical insights and an actual application for how organizations, large and small, can move their security agenda forward during these most pressing times. Please join Government Technology as we discuss:

How to get started – where does the buy in for security come form
The key building blocks and fundamental pieces needed to build for success
How to leverage the power of technology through an integrated approach around people and processes
Ways to determine your key focus areas and what will be measured
How to create a sustainable security program that is flexible and value added



Joe Panora
Senior Fellow
Center for Digital Government


Featured Speakers:

Deborah Blyth
Chief Information Security Officer
State of Colorado

Rick Howard
Chief Security Officer
Palo Alto Networks

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