July 24

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A typical city or county government may have hundreds of legacy applications, often running on aging infrastructure. Investment decisions for modernizing these environments have both immediate and long-lasting impacts on a community’s ability to use technology effectively.

Join us on July 24 for an insightful discussion on how to evaluate and prioritize technology investments based on risk, business criticality, system interdependencies and other important factors. Our panel of local IT leaders will give real-life insights on:

  • Inventorying applications and hardware
  • Evaluating business continuity risk
  • Developing a practical response plan


Phil Bertolini

Phil Bertolini

Chief Information Officer, Oakland County, MI

Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson appointed Phil Bertolini as Deputy County Executive/CIO for Oakland County in January 2005. Prior to that, Bertolini served as Oakland County’s Director of Information Technology.

Bertolini is a vocal advocate for cloud and enterprise solutions in government, cross-boundary resource sharing, and inter-jurisdictional cooperation. He has overseen the development of unique government technology programs such as the G2G Cloud Solutions Initiative, the G2G Marketplace, the Cyber Security Assessment for Everyone (CySAFE) initiative, the GeoVision Assessment, and the TechDebtCheck Assessment. He has also created successful models that can be implemented by other governments interested in improving operations while containing costs. In 2017, Bertolini was honored as a Public Official of the Year by Governing Magazine and was inducted into the CIO Hall of Fame by CIO Magazine. He has traveled extensively to speak about eGovernment best practices and has authored a growing collection of resources to help other organizations modernize IT within today’s rapidly changing technology landscape. Bertolini has promoted his philosophy of “Build it once, pay for it once, and everybody benefits” to many other government agencies, including those within the U.S. and others as far off as Australia and Dubai.

David Edinger

David Edinger

Chief Information Officer, City and County of Denver, CO

As Chief Information Officer for the City and County of Denver beginning June 2018, David leads Technology Services, Denver’s 325-person IT Department that includes Denver Marketing and Media Services and the 311 Customer Care Center.
As Chief Performance Officer for the City and County of Denver, David launched Mayor Michael Hancock’s Peak Performance initiative in July 2011. A combination of strategic planning, performance review, continuous improvement, analytics, and resource alignment enables Denver employees to innovate in their areas of subject matter expertise.
Before the public sector, David spent several years consulting in the pharmaceutical industry and a decade running warehouse and logistics operations in Boulder and Denver. David received an MBA from the University of Virginia and an AB in Economics from the University of Michigan.

Daphne Rackley

Daphne Rackley

Deputy CIO for Administration & Applications, City of Atlanta

Daphne Rackley is the Deputy CIO of Administration and Applications for the City of Atlanta’s Department of Atlanta Information Management (AIM).
In this position, Daphne is responsible for the governance of Applications, which spans over 25 departments. She also directly supports enterprise applications such as the ERP system, CRM, and workorder & asset management applications. In this role, she also has a team that provides Administrative support, such as procurement, legislation and contract management, for the various AIM offices.
Daphne is a Mechanical Engineer with over 10 years of IT and solutions experience and over 25 years of management experience across multiple industry markets. Her vast array of experience, including guiding the City through one of the largest cyber events in local government history, speaks to the type of transformational leader she is.
She has led teams through major projects, organizational changes and consolidations. Her accomplishments includes developing an Applications Portfolio Management System and establishing an Enterprise Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Alan Cox

Alan Cox — Moderator

Executive Vice President and Publisher of Government Technology

Alan is Executive Vice President of e.Republic and Publisher of Government Technology magazine, where he is involved in the annual production of dozens of events as well as the editorial direction for Governing, Government Technology and the Center for Digital Government. Held regionally in state capitols and large metropolitan areas, the events address key strategy and policy issues as well as the use of information technology in state and local government and education.

Alan has been a guest lecturer at universities and a frequent speaker for key government and industry organizations. For over 35 years, Alan has worked with industry, education and government officials to help them better understand the importance and use of information technology. Alan received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration at California State University, Sacramento.