Body Cameras: Tip of the Captured Video Iceberg

May 25
Duration: 60 minutes

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The issue of police worn body cameras has been making headlines across the country but the problem of captured video management is like a proverbial iceberg, and cameras are only the tip.  Just out of sight of the politicians and public calling for more cameras are the issues of video data capture, management, storage, redaction, production and retention.

The Center for Digital Government Digital States Performance Institute (DSPI) invites you to participate in a special webinar that will explore the complicated, below the waterline, issues captured video creates for state and local government and examine the approaches being taken by the states of Texas and Washington and the City of Seattle Police Department.

We will be discussing:

  • The changing landscape of state laws, local policies and the technical realities of video data management
  • How best to identify and implement an end-to-end video management solution that meets your needs and fits your budget
  • Best practices you can implement now to stay ahead of public expectations and agency business needs

Bill Schrier, CIO, Seattle Police Department / Senior Policy Advisor, State of Washington
Dale Richardson, Chief Operations Officer, TX Dept of Information Resources
Gary Buonacorsi, Chief Technical Officer, State and Local Government, EMC
Denise Verdicchio, Sr. Director, Public Sector, SHI

Todd Sander, Vice President of Research and Executive Director, Center for Digital Government

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