November 27

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Limited budgets and staff resources make the cumbersome process of purchasing even more challenging for local government entities. While access to statewide contracts often helps local governments take advantage of the state’s buying power for goods and services and eliminates the need to conduct a full procurement, the process still can be complicated – especially when local governments don’t have access to modern eProcurement tools that provide a streamlined experience. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts experienced this issue firsthand and came up with an innovative solution. Leaders from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Periscope Holdings join Government Technology for an informative webcast on how Massachusetts empowered local governments by expanding access to its eProcurement solution. Join us to also learn:
• The advantages of a modern eProcurement solution, including online catalog shopping and ordering, customized workflows to control and approve spending, and detailed reporting
• The steps to implementing and expanding access to eProcurement throughout a state
• The successful strategies utilized by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to increase the use of statewide contracts


Gary J. Lambert

Gary J. Lambert

Assistant Secretary for Operational Services (OSD) for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Gary J. Lambert, Assistant Secretary for Operational Services (OSD) for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, has influenced policy and attitudes to help create dynamic work environments in both the private and public sectors for more than 35 years. His combined expertise in public sector spend management and procurement, as well as his focus on outcomes and customer service, have resulted in a complete transformation within OSD and have made the agency a model department for the Commonwealth. Gary is the executive sponsor and champion for the Commonwealth’s online procurement platform, COMMBUYS market center “Connecting Business with Government”.

Brian Utley

Brian Utley

President & CEO, Periscope Holdings, Inc

Brian Utley leads Periscope Holdings, Inc., laying the foundation on which the company has built its leading purpose to eradicate waste and maximize value. Brian takes a customer-oriented approach in leading Periscope, ensuring that all business functions align with Periscope’s purpose. This dedication helps the company to succeed in saving money and enhancing transparency for the public sector entities and institutions of higher education it serves. Brian is a public procurement thought leader, known for actively driving innovation and striving to deliver on the promise of purpose-based procurement. In earlier years, he was employed at a government agency, which is where he acquired the initiative to raise efficiency and streamline processes for the public sector.

Paul Clanton

Paul Clanton — Moderator

Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government

Paul Clanton has devoted his career to helping local governments be on the forefront of using technology to increase value delivered to the public. He has over 30 years in various Information technology roles in both the public and private sectors including 20 years successfully leading Information Technology departments. He is now turning his experience and expertise to helping government organizations get the most value from their significant investment in people, process, and technology.