April 25

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Cloud and AI technologies offer government real opportunities to modernize IT and improve services for citizens. But applying these technologies to government missions can be a challenge. Join us on April 25th at 12pm ET/9am PT for the IBM Government Cloud Virtual Summit, featuring insightful keynotes, illustrative case studies and deep dives that show you how cloud, AI and emerging technologies can support mission-critical programs, securely leverage all your data, manage cyber security risk and deliver agile government. 

What to expect at the IBM Government Cloud Virtual Summit:

A complete event that allows you to participate from the comfort of your office, home or anywhere in between using a mobile device or laptop.

4 Keynote Sessions, 5 Deep Dive Themes
Gain important skills and knowledge from government and IBM experts in cloud adoption, security, hybrid cloud management, ethical AI usage, data modernization, blockchain and more.

Hear from Industry Experts -- These speakers have been there. 

Learn from more than a dozen speakers, including:

• Teri Takai, former CIO for the States of California and Michigan and the U.S. Department of Defense.
• Tracy Doaks, Deputy CIO and Chief Services Officer, State of North Carolina
• Carolyn Staats, ACCESS Sonoma IT Manager, Sonoma County
• Barbie Robinson, Director, Department of Health Services, Sonoma County
• Sreeram Visvanathan, Global Managing Director for Government, IBM
• Rob Thomas, General Manager, Data & AI, IBM

They’ll cover diverse critical topics, such as:

• Managing hybrid and multicloud environments
• Using data to drive better decision-making
• Transforming digital experience for citizens
• Preventing and recovering from security breaches
• Using AI to strengthen citizen engagement
• Cultivating your workforce of the future, and more.

Engage directly with experts on your most pressing business, mission and technical questions.

Meet peers and other Summit attendees in the networking lounge.

Access to more resources that expand on session topics, showcase studies to accelerate learning and help you get started.

Virtual Summit Schedule-at-a-Glance:

All times listed in Eastern.

12:00 - 12:10

Digital Government is Here - Are You Ready to Lead?

Government today through cloud and AI technologies has the opportunity to reinvent how it serves citizens and stakeholders. Sreeram Visvanathan, GM Global Government for IBM, welcomes you to the IBM Government Cloud Virtual Summit and shares how you can take greatest advantage of this event.

  • Sreeram Visvanathan, Global Managing Director, Government, IBM
12:10 - 12:40

Delivering Digital Government: Earning and Keeping Your Seat at the Table

Government CIOs have – and will continue to – experience significant changes regarding their roles within IT organizations. No longer a primarily back-office role, CIOs are finding themselves front and center in the push toward digital transformation. This wide-ranging conversation, full of insights from two leading gov tech thinkers covers the evolving role of government CIOs, soft skills needed to thrive, managing multi-cloud environments, and how cloud has changed the game.

  • Sreeram Visvanathan, Global Managing Director, Government, IBM
  • Teri Takai, Executive Director, Center for Digital Government
12:40 - 1:10

Rebuilding Trust - Security After a Breach

Agency, IT and cybersecurity leaders need to assume that breaches will happen. Technology, communications and an informed workforce can help agencies limit damage and rebuild trust with stakeholders. This session explores the steps agencies need to take to be strategic when setting up security practices, not piecemeal. Agencies can get started with modest investments.

  • Shue-Jane Thompson, Vice President and Partner, Cybersecurity, IBM
  • Jennifer Kady, Director, IBM Security Solutions
1:10 - 1:40

IT Modernization to Drive Innovation

IT modernization is an opportunity to build a foundation for continuous on-going digital transformation that avoids stumbling from old legacy to new legacy. But it requires a commitment to change and learning. This session explores the State of Ohio's multiyear journey to lower costs and improve services by leveraging private and public clouds and transforming their traditional systems. It's a story that will resonate for agencies at any level.

  • Brenda Decker, Director, IBM Global Government
  • Jennifer Buckles, State of Ohio Client Executive, IBM
1:40 - 2:10
Breakout Sessions

Data | Better Data, Better Decisions, Better Government

For all the buzz about AI (artificial intelligence), government won't deliver impact without IA (information architecture). This fast-paced session reviews case studies from the US Marines, TSA and others to show how agencies are unlocking power in their data and responsibly advancing their journey with analytics and AI.

  • Rob Thomas, General Manager, IBM Data & AI

Digital | Breaking Down Silos to Deliver Personalized Service

The way government does business is outdated, especially for those with multiple, complex needs. Constrained by budgets, organizational structures and legislation, government needs a better way to address the needs of their most vulnerable individuals and families. In California, Sonoma County with IBM's support is tackling these challenges head on and have found a better way to serve their citizens and change lives.

  • Mary Sara Jones, HHS Industry Leader, IBM
  • Carolyn Staats, ACCESS Sonoma IT Manager, Sonoma County
  • Barbie Robinson, Director, Department of Health Services, Sonoma County

Cybersecurity | Compliance and Security in the Cloud - What You Need to Know

As cyber threats get more sophisticated, agencies need to secure their systems and sensitive data while giving stakeholders access to innovative services. This means being secure and compliant. But they're not the same thing. An agency can be secure without being compliant. In this session, two leading experts talk about cloud security and keeping your agency both compliant and secure.

  • David Jenkins, Distinguished Engineer, Office of the US Federal CTO, IBM
  • Mari Heiser, Distinguished Engineer, Cloud Security, IBM

Modernization | Tale of Two Agencies - How NARA and LOGSA Modernized Their Applications to Meet Needs for Today and Tomorrow

No cloud journey is the same. Two agencies, the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) and Army Logistics Support Activity (LOGSA) both upgraded mission critical applications to meet mission needs. Learn how they followed crucial steps to bring applications to the cloud and benefit from cost savings and increased agility.

  • Mark Bolter, Cloud Application Innovation Practice Leader, IBM             
  • J.P. Von Beuzekom, Senior Project Manager, Cloud Innovation, Public Sector, IBM
  • Charles Waters, Application Delivery Leader, IBM

Cloud | Hybrid Cloud Success Stories for Sensitive, Mission-Critical Workloads

Hybrid cloud approaches enable agencies to leverage existing IT investments while benefiting from new cloud services. It's a great idea but can still seem daunting. In this session, you’ll hear how New Jersey Courts, the City of Seat Pleasant, MD, and more use hybrid cloud models to transform service delivery. Their lessons can help accelerate your digital transformation efforts.

  • Elliott Aten, Director Hybrid Cloud, Public Sector, IBM                                            
  • Mike Beddow, Cloud & Analytics Solutions Leader, Public Sector, IBM
2:10 - 2:40
Breakout Sessions

Data | Being Ready for an Emergency - One Agency's Journey to AI with Data Platforms and Predictive Analytics

Speed and accuracy can mean life or death when natural disasters hit. Agencies need to instantly bring data together from internal and external sources to be there for citizens. This is a real story about how one state uses private cloud to share data and infuse predictive capabilities to create actionable tools that help emergency management officials respond when it counts. Learn about a starting point to begin using AI where it can literally save lives.

  • Nick Perillo, Cloud Architect, IBM
  • John Thomas, Distinguished Engineer & Director, IBM Analytics

Digital | Voice, Virtual Agents and Transforming Communication Between Government and Citizens

Government agencies are always working to communicate with citizens more effectively and efficiently. For many of them, AI will transform the way they relay information and answer pressing questions. In this session, hear practical use cases of AI in government, including how the United Way Worldwide used a virtual assistant to provide potentially life-or-death information during Hurricane Michael. Also, learn how the Department of Labor leverages a cognitive adviser to help veterans transition from military life to civilian employment. And learn how your agency can use intelligent automation to free call agents to handle more complex tasks and better serve citizens.

  • Claude Yusti, Partner, Watson AI & Data Platform, IBM Public Sector
  • Krista Kinnard, Cognitive Application Developer, IBM

Cybersecurity | Building a Resilient Cybersecurity Organization in Government

With shrinking budgets and trouble attracting skilled workers, government faces challenges staying secure against an ever-evolving cyber threat. With the right processes and management, cloud and AI can help. Cybersecurity expert and professor John McLaughlin shares what the most secure agencies do so you can improve today.

  • John McLaughlin, Executive Security Architect,  IBM 

Modernization | The Secret to Getting Cloud Migration Right

Why do many government agencies not see promised benefits like cost savings and flexibility after adopting cloud? What are they missing? Migrating to cloud is only the first step. Don Boulia, GM of IBM Cloud, uses simple and clear language to explain the factors preventing agencies from moving further along in their cloud journey, and how they can be overcome.

  • Don Boulia, General Manager, IBM Cloud                            
  • David Lapp, Vice President, Marketing, IBM Cloud

Cloud | Manage Your Applications in a Multicloud World

From infrastructure to SaaS solutions, agencies today average 3-5 clouds. Some having more than 10. How do you manage all these to ensure control and security, agility and speed? These are critical capabilities for every agency to develop. This session will share the evolution to multicloud and demo an industry leading multicloud management solution to help you move forward.

Pratik Gupta, Distinguished Engineer, Chief Architect, Multicloud Manager, IBM

2:40 - 3:10
Breakout Sessions

Data | Identity Disrupted: How the State of North Carolina Uses Blockchain to Accelerate and Strengthen Trusted Identities

The State of North Carolina is working on a "stepping stone" project that overcomes a basic but pervasive challenge you deal with everyday -- your password. The State is piloting a trusted identity blockchain solution to manage and confirm identities and permissions in emergency situations when immediate, unfettered access to multiple systems and sharing siloed information is paramount. Learn how the State of North Carolina started its blockchain journey and positioned itself for successful achievement of its pioneering vision.

  • Pete Teigen, Government Solutions, Blockchain Leader
  • Tracy Doaks, Chief Deputy State CIO and Chief Services Officer, State of North Carolina

Digital | Data and the Future of Public Safety

Law Enforcement leaders tell us they are stuck between a rock and a hard place -- between intensifying mission and business challenges, and outmoded information management and investigative systems that simply limit their ability to respond. They seek a new level of agility, both in acquiring and sharing information, and in analyzing it to support the mission. Please join this session to learn about some of the challenges law enforcement is facing, and how IBM is applying cloud and AI technologies to help protect society and dramatically improve an agency's ability to progress and close investigations.

  • Tim Paydos, Vice President, WW Government Industry Solutions
3:10 - 3:45

New Rules to Find, Attract and Keep Talent in a Government Workforce

Finding, attracting and keeping talent is the number one challenge facing government. New skills needed by government are demanded by all organizations. Government can compete for, attract and keep the right talent using new sets of rules that combine timeless lessons to create meaningful experiences and leverage new technology.

  • Emily Craig, Partner, Talent and Engagement, IBM