October 11

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Well-maintained public infrastructure – our roads, bridges, buildings and other assets -- is the foundation of our communities. But our infrastructure is in a dismal state – the American Society of Civil Engineers recently gave it a D+ or “poor” rating.

The challenge is clear: Governments must effectively manage a diverse and growing array of assets with fewer resources.

Join us on October 11th at 11:00 AM Pacific/2:00 PM Eastern for an interactive hour-long webinar to learn how technology can revolutionize life cycle management processes for fixed assets and support the creation of intelligent, IoT-connected infrastructure. On the webinar we will also cover:

  • The drivers for modernizing infrastructure asset management
  • How the latest technology solutions help governments maximize the life cycle of their assets, including examples from cities that have implemented them
  • How infrastructure management modernization can be the gateway to smarter and more connected communities


Ron Day

Ron Day

Principal Solution Consultant, Pitney Bowes Software

For more than 15 years Ron has worked with asset intensive clients to provide solutions to their business needs and pain points through business process re-engineering in the context of industry best practices and the applicability of COTS (Commercial Off the Shelf) software. He currently works for Pitney Bowes Software (PBS) and is assisting with the U.S. launch of PBS’s intelligent Infrastructure Asset Management solution, Confirm.

Ian Slesser

Ian Slesser

Global Product Manager for Confirm, Pitney Bowes Software

Having worked for over 10 years in the public infrastructure sector, within local government, the private sector and now with Pitney Bowes, Ian has a strong understanding of the industry and brings a practical and benefit driven approach to Infrastructure Asset Management. Ian began his journey with Confirm managing the implementation for a local authority to rationalize over 30 asset management systems into one single source of the truth. Prior to joining Pitney Bowes, Ian was the Group IT Director for Eurovia UK, a Confirm customer and a major player in the UK roads maintenance market, giving him a real insight into the commercial considerations around Civil Engineering. Ian is now responsible for setting the direction of the Confirm product and ensuring it meets the needs of our clients worldwide.

Doug Couto

Doug Couto — Moderator

Former Chief Information Officer, Michigan Department of Transportation and Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government

Doug Couto has more than 35 years in public sector executive leadership roles that includes the US Air Force, State of Iowa (CIO), and the State of Michigan (Information Officer and DOT CIO). When he moved to the private sector (Citrix and Dell), he continued working with state/local governments and education to maximize the benefits of technologies such as virtual desktops, mobility solutions and cloud computing.