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Is Your Future Being Held for Ransom by the Changing Nature of Cyber Security Threats?

September 28
Duration: 60 minutes

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State and local government Chief Information Officers have reported that cyber security is their #1 priority each of the last 3 years.  However, while the topic has stayed the same, the nature of the threats and the data and infrastructure that needs to be protected have continued to evolve.  Staying focused on a moving target is difficult indeed.

The Center for Digital Government Digital States Performance Institute (DSPI) invites you to participate in a special webinar that will explore how state governments are rising the meet the challenge.  We will be discussing:

  • The increasing threat posed by ransomware and proven strategies for protecting yourself
  • Protecting the increasingly common enterprise mix of: on premise, cloud and SaaS data
  • How best to reallocate resources from a perimeter focused defense to one optimized for the realities of a more virtual environment
  • What CIOs and CISOs must do to build and maintain support for an effective cyber security program
  • How to present cybersecurity to policy makers and executives as a risk management issue and not a technical expense



Teri Takai, Senior Advisor to the Center for Digital Government

Danielle Alvarez, Chief Information Security Officer, Agency for State Technology, State of Florida

Maria Thompson, Chief Information Risk Officer, Dept of Information Technology, State of North Carolina



Todd Sander, Vice President of Research, Executive Director, Center for Digital Government

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