March 28

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Automation can help public sector IT organizations adopt the latest cloud technologies while maintaining necessary legacy systems. However, infrastructure complexity often leads to a narrow, siloed approach to automation that limits its potential and value. To be most effective, automation must be federated across the entire enterprise.

This informative hour-long webinar explores new ways organizations can deploy automation across the entire hybrid infrastructure, giving them more time to respond to pressures to deliver new products and services.

• How a comprehensive approach to automation can enable better organizational flexibility, agility and control.
• How using one tool to manage infrastructure allows public sector organizations to easily add other cloud offerings and container-based deployments as needed.
• How comprehensive visibility into the cloud environment enables better cloud cost management, allowing organizations to optimize resources and improve capacity planning.


Gary Shaffer

Gary Shaffer

Cloud and Infrastructure SSP, DLT

Paul Clanton

Paul Clanton — Moderator

Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government