More Than a Promise of Things to Come: Leading States Are Using Big Data and Analytics to Get Smarter Today

April 16
Duration: 60 minutes

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State and local governments across the county are talking about the promise of big data and analytics but does the reality match the hype? Results of the 2014 Digital States Survey prove that in some states, it certainly does.

The Center for Digital Government Digital States Performance Institute (DSPI) invites you to participate in a special webinar that will detail how state government is using the information collected across the enterprise to improve specific programs and make better service delivery decisions.

We will be discussing:

  • Recent Center for Digital Government research that highlights best practices from a number of states for implementing analytics and business intelligence in state government
  • Indiana’s successful experience using data analytics to reduce infant mortality
  • What Ohio is learning as they implement a robust dash-boarding and performance benchmarking program
  • Specific things you can do in your state or local government to jumpstart your use of analytics and business intelligence to improve public service


Stu Davis, Chief Information Officer, State of Ohio

Stu Davis Photo

Paul Baltzell, Chief Information Officer, State of Indiana

Paul Baltzell Photo


Todd Sander, Executive Director, Center for Digital Government

Todd Sander Photo

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