The Return to Governance: Structure, People and Information

September 17
Duration: 60 minutes

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Recent Center for Digital Government survey data clearly shows that project governance is once again becoming an important and challenging issue for state and local government. That is because now that the recession is over and resources are available to start new projects, many of the people who had experience successfully structuring and running them are leaving public service.

The Center for Digital Government Digital States Performance Institute (DSPI) invites you to participate in a special webinar that will detail how state governments are rising to meet the challenge of balancing the key components of a successful project: structure, people and information in a rapidly changing environment.

We will be discussing:

  • How leading states are adapting their historical governance models to what is increasingly an as-a-service world
  • Best practices and lessons learned that can be applied to collaborative and multi-jurisdictional implementations
  • The fundamental components of a successful project governance structure that every state or local government should implement


Mark VanOrden, Chief Information Officer/Director, Department of Technology Services, State of Utah

William Chumley, Chief Customer Officer, CO Governor’s Office of Information Technology


Todd Sander, Executive Director, Center for Digital Government

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