November 16

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Procurement teams pride themselves on running strong, defensible processes and selecting compliant and high-value suppliers. But what if there were hidden weaknesses lurking just below the surface of most RFP or bid award decisions?

What if seemingly innocuous factors – like proposal structures, criteria weightings, evaluator dispositions, or the time/day of evaluation – are skewing your final decisions?

Join us for a one-hour webinar on Nov. 16 at 11 a.m. Pacific/2 p.m. Eastern to see newly released research from Bonfire and hear about:
• Key drivers of decision fragility, as identified by Bonfire’s $12 billion of RFP/bid data
• Simple strategies to mitigate procurement pitfalls
• How modern procurement platforms can help procurement teams streamline the RFP/bid process


Corry Flatt

Corry Flatt

CEO, Bonfire

As CEO of Bonfire, Corry Flatt believes that procurement teams deserve modern, easy-to-use, and inexpensive software to make better, faster decisions. For over 15 years Corry has worked in software and information technology giving him real insight into technology and data’s ability to provide meaningful solutions to real challenges.

James Barr

James Barr

Director of Product Development, Bonfire

James Barr is the Director of Product Development for Bonfire. In his role, James leads a cross-functional team responsible for long-term product strategy and vision. Previously, he held multiple senior roles at Miovision Technologies developing both hardware and software products creating intelligent solutions to transportation problems around the globe.

Diane Horvath

Diane Horvath

Manager, Consulting-Procurement, BDO

Diane Horvath is a versatile senior procurement professional and lawyer with over 30 years of legal, government and business experience. Diane has built an extensive track record of positioning procurement initiatives to deliver business outcomes, enhancing service through process improvements, and collaborating with stakeholders in large, complex environments.

Patrick Moore

Patrick Moore — Moderator

Former CIO, State of Georgia and Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Eduation

Patrick Moore has spent his career working to improve government and its responsiveness to citizens. Patrick spent 8 years working for Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue, who was committed to making Georgia the best managed state in the nation. Patrick helped Governor Perdue implement an organizational model that was unique to government, and served as state CIO from 2006-2010. During that time Patrick led a transformational restructuring of the state's technology function. Patrick's most recent experience in the private sector put him in a leading role for some of the largest strategic procurements in the state government market in the last four years. He is the managing principal for Set Consulting, and is working to help governments and private sector firms implement strategies and partnerships that harness technology's power for outcomes that benefit citizens.