Coronavirus: 9 CIOs Explain How They're Enabling Telework

We asked technology leaders at state and local governments across the country what they're using to enable public servants to work without coming into an office. Here's what nine of them said.

by / March 25, 2020
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From Eric Romero, Director of Information Services:

1. Has your office supported/been asked to support remote/telework capabilities for your agency or other agencies?


2. Was that before or after the coronavirus started spreading?

We have had limited requests previously, usually for the executive level. Now we are getting requests for all levels of the government.

3. What solutions do you have that enable remote/telework?

Given the recent increase in cyberattacks against municipal governments, we are only providing remote access on city-owned devices which we know have the latest patches and protection. Those devices VPN into the network and then remote desktop to their office computer or they work from the laptop.

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