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California Innovation Office Opens Search for CIO

The Office of Digital Innovation was created last summer by Gov. Gavin Newsom. This position oversees the planning and administration of IT as well as other elements of the Government Operations Agency, the job posting says.

The Office of Digital Innovation (ODI), part of the California Government Operations Agency, is recruiting for a chief information officer.

“The person will lead the work to build out and maintain a resilient and secure technical infrastructure and digital tools for our team,” said JP Petrucione, communications lead for the Office of Innovation. “Like the rest of ODI, they will bring both experience and a passion for learning and experimenting to help us all serve Californians better.”

The position, which has a job classification of IT Manager I, oversees the planning and administration of IT, including “technology and telecommunications systems, policies and programs, including but not limited to Networking and Connectivity, Information Security, Software, Endpoints (e.g., laptops and smartphones) Management, and Digital Services for ODI” and other elements of the Government Operations Agency (GovOps), the job posting says.

When ODI was created last summer by Gov. Gavin Newsom, it was allocated a staff of 50 and a budget of $26.1 million. Within GovOps, it’s a sister organization to the California Department of Technology (CDT). ODI’s director is Udaya Patnaik

“ODI is constantly looking at innovative ways to work so we can help our partners in other offices, departments and agencies,” Petrucione told Techwire in an email. “Our CIO is absolutely critical to our long-term success and making sure that we’re able to fulfill our mission of transforming California state government.

“We’re looking to bring onboard someone with a passion for the mission. Someone who’s seen a lot, learned a lot, and wants to make government more accessible and intuitive for the people we serve. If you’re interested, please check out the job description and apply!”  

The job posting offers more details: “You will manage access, respond to incidents and administer directory services and tools within the MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android and other platforms as needed,” it states. “You will lead a diverse team that provides customer service and delivers technical support of software, computer configurations, cloud-based services, scripting and programming, remote administration, cloud administration, desktop support services workstation configuration, and security.”

“ODI is like a start-up inside the Government Operations Agency,” the job posting says. “We’ll work collaboratively with state agencies, departments and offices to improve digital services for Californians. Our work brings a human-centered, agile and product-focused mindset to technology, design and procurement. It includes early stage research and prototyping for new projects as well as independent counsel and advice on existing large projects.”

ODI took its name from another office within CDT, which is now known as the Office of Enterprise Technology. 

Additional details about application requirements and qualifications are available in the position’s duty statement.

The position has a monthly salary range of $8,016 to $10,742, and the application deadline is Nov. 2.

Dennis Noone is the managing editor of Techwire.
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