North Carolina's iCenter Reaches Beyond State Agencies for New Ideas, Best Practices

The state's Innovation Center started as a place to test new technology, but it continues to evolve in its role.

Deante’ Tyler
Government Technology/YouTube
When the state of North Carolina launched its Innovation Center (iCenter) in 2013, officials envisioned a place where agencies could “kick the tires” and launch into new technologies and new ways of doing business.

Today, the mission remains the same, but momentum is growing to use the platform as a way to affect change in the very culture of state government. At the North Carolina Digital Government Summit on Aug. 30, iCenter Director Deante’ Tyler explained that one of the key priorities for his team is maturing the center and weaving its role into the cultural fabric of the state.

The Innovation Center is also expanding its reach into the best practices of regional and local government partners.

“In the past, the center was flagged around being a try before you buy center, being able to really kick the tires on technology. We’re kind of building upon that to say, ‘Hey, not only should we try technology before we buy it, but let’s also reach out to our cities and counties to see what they are doing as well…”

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