Tech Debt Is No Different; It Must Be Paid Off

San Jose, Calif., is looking to move ahead after roughly a decade of deficit and rebuild its IT assets smarter.

Rob Lloyd
Government Technology/YouTube
The city of San Jose, Calif., is using its “technology debt” to look more carefully at how the city’s IT assets are positioned.

CIO Rob Lloyd told Government Technology that while San Jose isn’t any different from most cities that weathered the 2008 economic recession, its technology gaps are being used to look more carefully at how the municipality positions itself for the future.

“The strategies we take are exactly those things; where can we do something smarter or a different way, where do we need to invest in our people so that we can say yes and take on the challenges we need them to take on, and where do we need to do some direct investments in solutions so that we can give people the tools they need to be successful,” Lloyd said.

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