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All in one place and personalized to you – the state and local IT opportunities, the decision makers and buyers and all of the account intel you need to win more business.


Receive timely alerts to deals for your solution and in your sales territory via daily postings of hundreds of IT opportunities.


Get advance notice on RFPs to allow you time to market prior to the formal bid release.


Download contact information to easily target over 43,000 key decision makers and buyers.


Know more about your customers with access to IT budgets, how they buy, strategic IT plans and more.


Access over 20,000 term contracts to understand the vendor landscape and where to sell and market.

Informed sellers are effective sellers

Government buyers expect you to know their unique challenges and speak their language. Navigator helps you understand your customers and prospects so you gain a strategic selling advantage.

Track new activity of key jurisdictions and contacts to spot opportunities and funding in real time.

Conduct more accurate territory planning with access to overall budgets, IT budgets and headcounts for over 110,000 jurisdictions.

Understand your account’s priorities with access to CIO strategic plans, budget documents and organizational charts.

Download facts and figures from our sales tools and market assessments to increase your business

10 Laws of Government Sales and Marketing

People buy from people they trust. It’s a fundamental law of sales — in fact, it’s the first law in e.Republic’s 10 Laws of Government Sales and Marketing. Download Now

The state and local market is immense and complex!

Our team of researchers and writers has created a large library of charts, facts and figures to help provide context to your sales presentations. View Market Facts

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— CA Technologies

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— Alcatel Lucent

“The information you provide is always exactly what I am looking for.”


“It is great having you as an extension of our research team!”

— Century Link

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