of property worth more than $250, and cruelty to animals. (Had six months coming for Lawrence burglary, as this was a multiple violation of probation.) Arraigned in Brighton District Court, pleaded not guilty, released.

Oct. 1990 (Week after incident) Kara Boettger, his female roommate, gets restraining order from district court in Brighton, Mass., asks that he be jailed for probation violations. Cartier violates the restraining order several times.

Oct. 25, 1990 Animal cruelty charge filed. Pleads not guilty, asks for jury trial on that and the two felony counts.

Fall 1990 Beats 17-year-old girlfriend Rose Ryan on Boston Common.

Jan. 11, 1991 Cartier faced revocation of double probation and imposition of six-month sentence. Plea-bargained for probation again, pleading guilty to malicious destruction. Boston Municipal Court decided the case, required him to attend mental health program. Burglary and cruelty to animals charges were dismissed. (Released, even though he was now a four-time convicted felon.)

Feb. 1, 1991 Cartier was told he needed to turn himself in on Feb. 8 in Lawrence, where he was on probation for the catsup incident and had the six-month sentence waiting for the 1988 break-in. Cartier expected to get six months. Case Delayed.

Feb. 22, 1991 Cartier failed to show. Had three different probation officers -- in Malden, Brighton and Lawrence.

March 26, 1991 Threat to kill Rose Ryan reported to his probation officer. Probation officer tells Ryan to go to District Court in Lynn, Mass., to get a restraining order.

March 28, 1991 Probation officer talks to judge in Brighton, gets arrest warrant (takes a month to serve it).

April 2, 1991 (While Boston Police looking for Cartier) brought to Massachusetts Mental Health Center and released when he denied threatening Ryan.

April 14, 1991 Attacks Ryan with scissors in subway station.

April 16, 1991 Ryan gets a restraining order against Cartier, but no fixed address where he could be served.

April 19, 1991 Arrest warrant issued for subway attack.

April 29, 1991 Arrested for probation violation, delivered to Brighton District Court.

May 2, 1991 Court appearance, judge postpones case for a week to untangle the charges against Cartier.

May 9, 1991 Cartier sentenced to three months at House of Correction on Deer Island for violating probation.

June 20, 1991 Brought back to Boston Municipal Court for trial on subway attack.

June 21, 1991 Sentenced to one year in jail (six months to be served at Deer Island, six to be suspended for a two-year probationary period). No contact allowed with Ryan, but he calls her from jail and has other inmates write obscene letters to her. Ryan calls DA's office in Boston to report the matter.

Sept. 9, 1991 A jail disciplinary board sentenced him to 10 days in isolation for refusing to obey orders.

Sept. 16, 1991 Cited in jail for throwing food against a wall, and sent to unit for troublemakers, drew another 10 days in isolation.

Oct. 29, 1991 Sentenced in jail to lockup for attempted arson, destruction of property and lying to an officer.

Nov. 5, 1991 Released from jail early for "good behavior."

Nov. 5, 1991 Taken into custody immediately and sentenced to 59 days in Essex County Jail for catsup bottle incident. (Six-month suspended sentence for 1988 market burglary was plea-bargained away and dismissed.)

Dec. 5, 1991 Cartier given an order to appear (not knowing he was still in jail).

Dec. 19, 1991 Boston Municipal Court issues an arrest order for probation violation (not realizing he was in jail).

Dec. 24, 1991 Cartier released from Correctional Alternative Center in Lawrence.

Jan. 17, 1992 Surrenders to Boston Municipal Court for probation violation, failing to leave Ryan alone. Ordered to attend "alternatives to violence" classes.

Feb. 14, 1992 Cartier violates probation, judge revokes probation, but stays sentence for six months and allows him to "start over."

Feb. 1992 Cartier begins working as a bouncer at a night club.

Feb. 1992 Cartier meets Kristin Lardner

April 15, 1992 Kristin and Cartier argue, he beats her in an alley.

April 16, 1992 Kristin tries to get him into another violence treatment program.

May 7, 1992 Argument by phone with Kristin. Cartier refuses to return $1000 exercise machine purchased with Kristin's credit card. She calls probation officer.

May 11, 1992 Kristin decides to go to the police and get a restraining order. Sergeant calls up three-page rap sheet and shows it to her.

May 12, 1992 Temporary restraining order issued.

May 19, 1992 Kristin reports more phone calls from Cartier, in violation of restraining order. She assumes he will be arrested when he shows up for the hearing. Nothing happens.

May 30, 1992 Cartier murders Kristin Lardner.