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Some state and local governments are turning to managed security service providers to shore up the substantial gaps in the cybersecurity workforce. The shift away from a more traditional hiring strategy has its benefits.
With the understanding that IT people already know how to do technology right, Cabarrus County, N.C., CIO Todd Shanley says dedicated project management and analysis staff would be central to building his ideal IT agency.
Bringing state-level experience to the table, Phoenix CISO Shannon Lawson says if he were to build a brand-new IT agency, he’d begin with strong central governance to share knowledge and break down silos.
Former Seattle CTO Saad Bashir looks back at his years serving the city and challenges ahead for the next CTO. Pushing agencies to embrace a collaborative, cross-government view of IT may loom large on the agenda.
Minnesota CIO Tarek Tomes explains that if he were to build a government IT agency from the ground up, he’d start by injecting some flexibility into how technology is funded.
Plus, the United States Digital Service has named Mina Hsiang to be its third-ever administrator, the Federal Communications Commission has met a new Emergency Broadband Benefit Program milestone, and more.
The Dallas Police Department employee responsible for deleting 22.5 terabytes of police data was fired by city officials Friday. The worker had been employed for nine years and showed a history of errors.
If you could build a brand-new government IT shop, how would you do it? From funding and staffing to governance and automation, leading CIOs talked about how they would approach the challenge.
The U.S. Department of Labor created a new office intended to guide efforts to provide states’ UI programs with technology, funding and advice about tackling equity gaps, fraud and cyber attacks.
New state CIO Shawnzia Thomas is focusing on expanding broadband, pushing cybersecurity best practices and taking an employee’s-eye view to technology adoptions in her first few months on the job.
The White House, tech firms, insurers and educational organizations announced near-future steps to improve national cybersecurity, including new NIST guidelines and tech support for governments looking to upgrade defenses.
Attendees at the inaugural meeting discussed the struggles they face in hiring, training and keeping cybersecurity talent, as well as the need to give private firms more useful threat intelligence.
Next year, Elon Musk said Tesla will debut a humanoid robot prototype called the Tesla Bot. Its purpose will be to perform physical labor. Musk suggested humans will be replaced in the workforce of the future.
Staff at various Louisiana government agencies are returning to the office, but their perspective and toolset have changed. They’ve learned new communication tech and experienced a different kind of work-life balance.
Preparing against ransomware means getting response plans and contracts in place early, drilling, making — and monitoring — critical backups and, of course, convincing leadership to fund it all, experts say.