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As electric vehicles steadily become more common, StreetLight Data is working with an EV charging company to offer its government clients an AI tool for finding ideal locations to install new infrastructure.
Answer: By putting their solar energy into the grid.
Answer: Because they were illegal, and it honestly looks kind of fun.
Utah Gov. Spencer Cox has appointed Department of Human Services Director Christopher Bramwell as the state’s first Department of Government Operations privacy officer. He will focus on protecting residents’ personal data.
Gov. Ralph Northam has announced a plan to invest $700 million toward broadband infrastructure for unserved areas in Virginia. The funding for this investment comes from the American Rescue Plan.
What role does social media play in increasing vulnerabilities and how can CIOs and CISOs best confront this?
State and local governments faced evolving and increasingly sophisticated cyber threats – and that was before the COVID-19 pandemic.
Your people are everything. But state and local governments struggle to compete with the private sector to attract the best talent – especially when it comes to cybersecurity. As government agencies continue to be a prime target for cyberattacks, it is more important than ever that your workforce is equipped with the right resources to not only fend off cyberattacks but be ready to respond when you experience a breach. Watch our third 30-minute conversation in our Cybersecurity Resilience Initiative as our experts discuss a strategy for getting the right people in your organization.
Budgeting for cybersecurity is always a challenge for state and local governments. It can be difficult for IT leaders to articulate to budget officials and legislatures what funding is needed and how it will be used. The most difficult question for IT and cybersecurity leaders to answer is often, “How secure will this make our jurisdiction?” However, as cybersecurity threats increase and governments encounter more target and sophisticated attacks, it’s critical they get the right technologies and strategies in place to reduce risk. Join Government Technology and Governing as our experts help answer some key questions around what cybersecurity technology should be on your wishlist – and how to get it.
Data is the lifeblood of any modern state or local government, but its increasingly sophisticated use prompts important questions:
The National Association of Counties’ Broadband Task Force released a report last week highlighting the widening digital divide and the need for equitable Internet access in all U.S. counties.
The company has been growing very quickly, reaching its Series D and operating in 40 states within four years of its founding. With a mountain of cash at its disposal, it plans on growing further.
Through a new partnership, the 10,000-plus government members in the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center will be able to access Deloitte’s Cyber Detect and Respond Portal at no cost.
SRI Education, Columbia University and the nonprofit Achieving the Dream are partnering on a research center to help students learn study skills necessary for success in online learning environments.
Answer: You guessed it — Delta Air Lines.
Answer: Above Utah's remote lakes.
Answer: Desk toys memorializing some of Silicon Valley’s biggest tech fails.
It was announced this week that Aleine Cohen was tapped to be the first deputy chief information officer of Delaware’s Department of Technology. She has been with the state for more than six years.
The WHO released a report offering guidance for the use of artificial intelligence in the health industry, highlighting six principles to help ensure the technology works to benefit the public.
Answer: Yes, but at least it’s asking clearly this time.
The company, which provides digital services and payments, has completed the deal after a year of skepticism and criticism from local tech vendors and advocates. It plans to make the first services live in the fall.
In purchasing the technology adoption vendor EesySoft, the company behind the learning management system Canvas aims to build in-app messaging and dashboards to help educators learn to use and assess new tech tools.
The National Institute of Standards and Technology recently released a proposal regarding the risk of bias in the use of artificial intelligence to help reduce it. The agency is seeking comments from the tech community.