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The Florida Department of Transportation is partnering with INRIX to deploy the company’s IQ Signal Analytics platform across 3,000 miles of roadways in the state in the hopes of gathering new insights.
The federal government has unveiled a new resource, the Climate Mapping for Resilience and Adaptation portal, which aims to help communities assess climate risks and plan resilience projects accordingly.
The vast quantities of data governments collect can sometimes become too numerous to adequately tell the stories of what’s happening in our world. But interpreted well, they illustrate fact.
Baltimore’s innovative parking strategy rooted in human-centered design looks beyond individual parking spots and toward a more equitable use of city roadways.
The newly launched, public-facing portal will break down the number of cases of the disease by age group, gender, ethnicity, race and public health district. To date, the state has reported 153 probable or confirmed cases.
Hundreds of cities and counties across Texas are spending tax dollars on 2,700 incentive deals seeking to boost the local economy, new data shows, under a state program that operates with no limits and little oversight.
Former Ohio CIO Stu Davis on why building a framework for breaking down silos between government agencies optimizes services for all stakeholders — and why it’s kind of like making pizza.
The implementation of a natural language processing platform has helped the Allegheny County Department of Human Services better interpret the data on the children it serves through natural language processing.
The Bloomberg-funded group has offered its benchmarking certification program in the United States for years, and now it’s opening it up to local governments throughout the Western Hemisphere.
The U.S needs defined metrics and more data about cyber happenings across the nation, experts say. Otherwise, it’ll struggle to understand which practices and policies are most effective and where to invest more heavily.
Mayor Justin Bibb has selected Elizabeth Crowe as the new director of quality control and performance management – the city’s data analysis arm that Bibb intends to revamp in hopes of improving city operations.
The newly announced Equity Through Data and Privacy Program in San Jose, Calif., will use government data and analytics to better serve residents through an equity-based, accountability-driven approach.
The new website includes data from multiple agencies to help public officials plan for and mitigate extreme heat events. The portal includes GIS mapping, real-time temperatures, forecasts and other data tools.
A new tool is giving residents access to the policing data regarding use of force and other incidents. According to officials, the department is the first law enforcement agency in Macomb County to provide such information.
Bringing together utility companies, city agencies and experts, the Unification for Underground Resilience Measures project is using previously siloed data sets to build a road map to help prepare for natural disasters.