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Artificial Intelligence

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Educators should welcome new conversations about academic integrity, and the chance to teach the concept as a positive, desirable principle to strive toward, rather than a litany of rules with negative consequences.
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Building on past work with metaversities, a private historically Black college is building virtual, AI-driven versions of five instructors that will offer tailored help to students beyond the capabilities of a chatbot.
State and municipal agencies and one of the nation’s most populous counties are integrating AI and GIS into their permitting systems, adding automation and enhancing transparency to improve service and accountability.
Videos, maps, medical information: It’s an information fire hose for emergency dispatchers. Motorola’s latest offering uses AI and other tactics to help get a tighter grip on all that data without increasing workloads.
Despite the financial collapse of the developer behind Los Angeles Unified School District's multi-million dollar AI platform, Supt. Alberto Carvalho still intends it to create individualized education plans for students.
New guidance from the U.S. Department of Education recommends that AI not be allowed to make decisions unchecked by educators, and that developers design AI tools based on evidence-based practices.
A new document from the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction lists AI tools for educators as well as advice for administrators, aiming to serve as a springboard for schools to set up their own policies and programs.
The Office of Artificial Intelligence Policy at the Utah Department of Commerce has opened roughly four months after its creation. It will explore the most effective methods of AI regulation and guide development of responsible policies.
A new survey reveals a significant lag in generative AI adoption compared to the private sector. The findings highlight the need to address knowledge gaps, embrace innovative solutions and develop robust AI governance policies.
Emory faculty are working with the nonprofit Rowen Foundation and the Georgia Chamber of Commerce to host free AI training sessions for the general public in 19 locations across Georgia.
A new paper from the National Association of State Chief Information Officers explores the role of generative AI in improving accessibility for people with disabilities. It finds use cases and limitations alike.
The New York State Office for the Aging is giving older adults more options to connect with each another and the world by providing them with a variety of technologies — and the skills they need to use them.
As governments increasingly put end users at the forefront of how they're developing digital services, we checked in with state CIOs to see where that effort intersects with the rise of artificial intelligence.
Officials at the Missouri Botanical Garden, a National Historic Landmark in St. Louis, are using artificial intelligence to digitize their herbarium; and to assess how changing climates nationwide may impact trees.
Backed by $50 million worth of rewards, this new push from the cloud operator aims to spark innovation in generative AI projects. The move comes as Amazon’s AWS keeps expanding in government.
The state Legislature’s Select Committee on Blockchain, Financial Technology and Digital Innovation Technology is considering a bill on “unlawful dissemination of misleading synthetic media.”