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Artificial Intelligence

ChatGPT News
In the past year, ChatGPT has become one of the fastest growing online services ever. But how popular are the generative AI apps? A recent study reveals the data behind the growth.  
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Teasing an ed-tech conference in Austin later this month, Texas' Commissioner of Higher Education Harrison Keller said students are already using AI, and more tutors and assistants are coming.
From obscurity to peak hype: What can the rise of generative AI in 2023 tell us about laws named for Amara, Moore, Metcalf and Neven — and maybe even creation itself?
The licensing technology company, working to increase its presence in the U.S., has launched a data migration and management tool called Data Migration Accelerator. The new product is meant to streamline operations.
ChatGPT’s interface fueled the technology’s phenomenal rise to prominence. By being good at talking with us, it spoke to us.
At a recent event bringing together public- and private-sector leaders in government technology, many spoke about how hiring struggles are making AI both more appealing and more difficult to adopt.
With generative AI poised to reshape the public sector, AI expert Beth Noveck says it's up to gov tech leaders to ensure that its story is one of progress and enhanced services.
U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gililbrand announced on Thursday that she is re-introducing legislation which aims to crack down on robocalls, robo texts and artificial intelligence scams.
A new executive order mandates that a council of representatives with backgrounds in IT, artificial intelligence, racial justice and cultural change will create a plan that outlines how government workers can use AI in a fair, equitable and transparent way.
As artificial intelligence ushers in a sea change that touches all aspects of education, schools might keep up by convening a council of stakeholders to discuss good ideas and get district-level buy-in.
California's Privacy Protection Agency has shared draft rules on how companies using automated decision-making tools — including those powered by artificial intelligence — can use consumers' information.
Some legal questions around generative AI in schools have yet to be resolved, but in general, schools must vet their vendor contracts carefully and get parental permission for students to use the technology.
Josh Clark, who heads a private school in Massachusetts that serves children with language-based learning differences, is optimistic that artificial intelligence will enable tools that address their specific challenges.
To prepare students for a future in which various forms of artificial intelligence will be ubiquitous, schools will need to impart foundational knowledge about how the tools work and what they produce.
The Newsom administration's new examination of generative artificial intelligence tools in state government identified significant areas of potential risk, including privacy, security and several others.
A new iPad application from School Rebound SA analyzes the script or cursive writing of elementary students and employs gamification to teach them how to write more legibly.