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Artificial Intelligence

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Teachers are redesigning assignments, administrators are revisiting policies, and students are still finding their footing as they navigate the new frontier of yet another disruptive technology.
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The state of Indiana has implemented a tool called Pivot, which leverages artificial intelligence to support job seekers by unveiling potential career paths personalized to their career goals. Later this year, it will begin to take on other tasks.
More than three-fourths of Americans expect that abuses of artificial intelligence will affect the 2024 presidential election, according to a new national survey.
The Borough of Prospect Park has deployed a tool from gov tech startup Polimorphic to respond to incoming telephone calls. The artificial intelligence is helping a small staff connect with residents despite a reduced work week.
The need for computing horsepower to train and use AI models is shaping the way nations will grow and compete in the future, with governments worldwide developing strategies and stockpiling processing units.
Following a gubernatorial executive order on generative artificial intelligence and new guidelines in March, the state will work with five technology companies to “test, iterate, and evaluate” GenAI and create proofs of concept.
Indian Prairie School District 204 in Illinois is taking recommendations from its AI task force on how the technology could be used by teachers, students and administrators, and what constitutes ethical use.
Colorado Chief Data Officer Amy Bhikha is playing a central role in the state’s approach to artificial intelligence. She and her peers across the country are joining forces to safely unlock the opportunities AI offers.
The University of Texas at Austin is working with the AI-powered writing assistant platform Grammarly for Education to study what generative artificial intelligence tools might do for academia.
The potential for artificial intelligence to fabricate convincing audio and video of real people, which a disgruntled ex-employee in Baltimore recently did to smear a principal, is raising alarms about regulation.
AI-generated cyber attacks and deepfakes mean new risks and new ways to fight them. "Human risk management" is a term to describe how organizations train their staff to detect these evolving threats.
Joan Lawcewicz, a financial crimes investigator in Chippewa Falls, Wis., said that artificial intelligence has made this type of scam even more problematic and easier to fool the unsuspecting public.
Among its directives, the order from the Maryland county’s executive creates an AI task force that will be responsible for drafting strategies, use cases and priorities. “Digital access equity” is central to that work.
Pano AI’s CEO discusses how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing wildfire detection and response by helping agencies optimize resource allocation and protect lives through smarter firefighting tactics.
At the National School Boards Association conference in April, school board members from across the U.S. said they intended to find partners and leaders who could help their districts make decisions about AI.
A growing number of students and working professionals are returning to school to learn about artificial intelligence, hoping to cash in on the buzzy market and millions of dollars in support from large tech companies.