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The city has partnered with NASA to develop strategies for welcoming electric oversized drones, which take off vertically from landing pads called vertiports. The city’s first vertiport is planned for the Lake Nona area.
The algorithms used to create the synthetics data for AI in autonomous vehicles was first designed for use in big Hollywood films. But the tools were specifically designed to depict white humans.
As a first step to phasing out diesel vehicles, the Central Ohio Transit Authority announced its first electrified buses. The transit agency said that it plans to remove all diesel vehicles by 2025.
The Atlanta suburb known for smart city and connected vehicle developments will launch four electric, autonomous shuttles on a three-mile route. The project will use the city’s 5G-enabled V2X infrastructure.
In Georgia, The Ray is a smart highway corridor and test bed for technologies that can make the most of roadways. GIS is helping map underutilized resources to demonstrate the potential of existing infrastructure.
New York's Thruway Authority has partnered with Northeast UAS Airspace Integration Research Alliances Inc. as part of an effort to inspect bridges using drones more effectively and efficiently.
Under The Boring Co. proposal, a fleet of company-driven Teslas would use the subterranean circuit to shuttle visitors between the airport and downtown, according to two people with knowledge of the discussions.
To address racial and ethnic disparities, Massachusetts lawmakers are considering reducing Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority fares and shoring up Internet infrastructure with American Rescue Plan Act funds.
As local communities like Holland tackle advancements in technology and reckon with growing resident demand for sustainability, electric vehicles (EVs) have reached the forefront of discussion.
The Minnesota Department of Transportation has unveiled the product of its $1.5 million investment: the Med City Mover, a small autonomous shuttle traveling on a 1.5-mile loop in the city of Rochester.
Cruise and Waymo received “deployment” permits from the California Department of Motor Vehicles for their autonomous vehicle operations in the Bay Area, clearing another hurdle to for-hire commercial AV service.
BrightDrop, a General Motors startup that specializes in electric delivery vehicles, is working on a new service van for Verizon. The van will be smaller and faster than the startup's UPS truck equivalent.
The startup, only two years old, has now raised more than $30 million from investors. Amid its rapid growth, the company is looking at expanding its traffic automation platform toward self-driving vehicles.
A handful of Houston-area cops aren't happy with Tesla's autopilot system. Five law enforcement officers in Montgomery County, Texas, are suing Elon Musk's electric car company for nearly $20 million over it.
Ford Motor Co.’s multibillion-dollar investment to build three battery plants and a new EV assembly plant is “really unprecedented for electric vehicles and batteries,” says JB Straubel, a co-founder of Tesla Inc.
Ford has announced its biggest investment in history: over $11 billion for electric vehicle parts. The investment will build four new plants that will be split between Tennessee and Kentucky.
Karina Ricks had led the Pittsburgh Department of Mobility and Infrastructure since 2017. She is now working for the Federal Transit Administration as associate administrator for research, innovation and demonstration.
Legislation aimed at requiring the electrification of autonomous vehicles and bolstering offshore wind power have cleared the governor’s office, as the state pushes to be a leader in the transportation and energy sectors.
Tesla crashes and the investigations that follow generate a lot of headlines, but the dangers of automotive automation are industrywide. The common denominator is the human behind the wheel.
Sound Transit needed 25 years of campaigns, taxes and labor to finally extend light rail to Northgate where, starting Saturday, thousands of people will find new ways to cross the congested city.