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Election Technology

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Despite the widespread anxiety over deepfakes’ effects on democracy, political consultants say they are more excited about generative AI’s potential to tackle boring grunt work and expand their ability to deploy big-race tactics in down-ballot contests.
A proposal that would allow the spouses and voting-age dependents of deployed military members to vote online is facing criticism from some security experts who argue it would expose the election system to unnecessary risk.
More than three dozen former election officials, members of Congress and Cabinet secretaries are calling on lawmakers to make at least $400 million in election security grant funding available for fiscal 2024.

The Lake County Board of Elections is considering whether to implement poll worker management software they purchased or break the contract with the software provider amid security concerns.
Election workers have begun conducting logic and accuracy testing to ensure the machines voters will use on election day are running properly before they are put into service May 16.
Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has reaffirmed his commitment to the Electronic Registration Information Center, a 28-state collaboration that shares information about voter registration.
Officials in the state have threatened to withdraw from the multistate Electronic Registration Information Center if the group fails to agree this week on reforms to address concerns that it leans too far left.
Three states resigned from the interstate collaboration aimed at keeping voting rolls accurate and catching improper voting. Departing states point to concerns about possible political leanings and data policies.
State and local election officials across the country have begun pursuing strategies to combat election lies and online misinformation ahead of the 2024 presidential election.
Election reform advocates and Democratic lawmakers are mounting pressure in the Legislature to use federal Help America Vote Act funds for cities and towns to replace aging ballot-counting machines.
Some of the nation’s top cybersecurity leaders are warning state and local election officials of ongoing foreign and domestic national security threats to election systems.
Secretary of State Cisco Aguilar is asking state lawmakers for approximately $30 million to help aid in establishing a statewide voter registration database that would modernize the way elections are administered.
Making effective open source election software is one thing. Removing barriers to its use is another and means addressing concerns around liability, troubleshooting and certification.
Proponents say open source elections tech means new security features and transparency. What does it take to harness the helpful volunteer contributions, block out malicious saboteurs and keep these projects maintained for the long term?
State lawmakers approved the requirement — which attracted little attention or debate — in their massive overhaul of the state’s voting laws during a 2021 special Legislative session.