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SolarAPP+, developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, is designed to take days or weeks out of the process of getting solar projects approved. Now Accela is bringing the app to its customers at no cost.
The book — co-authored by Tara McGuinness and Hana Schank — details examples of how tech and innovation can streamline governmental service delivery, and why it is important the country embrace it.
Local governments are increasingly making online services available to residents, but then end up drowning in follow-up emails that take up valuable resources to answer. Machine learning may be a solution.
Mayor Brandon Scott is spearheading efforts to increase transparency in city government. Data-driven tools are helping Baltimore residents drill into how the administration is meeting its goals and a range of other topics.
To encourage city agencies to reimagine and transform their internal and public-facing services, Philadelphia, Penn., has established an accessible and flexible innovation grant process.
In an effort to fix the Federal Communications Commission's misleading broadband coverage data, the agency is asking the public to download and use its new speed test app.
The eighth annual Smart Cities Connect Conference & Expo opened with a panel discussion around digital equity and the need for all communities to expand access to broadband as they emerge from the COVID-19 crisis.
Asian Health Services in Oakland, Calif., unveiled a new website to document incidents of inaccessibility on vaccine websites. The site allows people to make reports in 10 languages other than English.
The installation of so-called electronic noses is part of the city’s plan to require more than 330 industrial facilities inside its boundaries to submit odor control plans that identify sources and mitigation measures.
CitizenLab’s recently announced decision to shift to an open source model will remove barriers to participation in an attempt to make the platform more accessible to all civic organizations.
Officials from Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles were part of a government IT panel at the oktane21 conference, reflecting on how they’ve guided city government systems toward an environment that is both secure and accessible.
Plus, San Francisco is hiring for multiple roles, a report examines the world of intergovernmental software co-ops, and a new organization has called on the Biden administration to create a local innovation unit.
As of this week, the Meadville Area Water Authority is 173 water meter replacements away from completing a nine-year replacement effort. The new models can be read wirelessly by staff members driving through the city.
Mayor Brandon Scott recently made two key technology hires – a chief data officer and a director of broadband and digital equity – that will help to address the city’s data needs and digital divide.
VIA Metropolitan, the transit operator in San Antonio, Texas, has partnered with Spain-based startup NaviLens to pilot a wayfinding smartphone application for blind or low-vision transit riders.