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During the 2021 Code for America Summit earlier this month, experts discussed lessons they have learned using data to guide resource allocation and intervention efforts while combating housing insecurity.
Washington state officials say jobless claims in May have spiked, and fraudsters are in the mix. The fraud isn't as severe as it was last year, but criminals will adapt to new security measures, experts say.
Tomorrow, the Butte-Silver Bow Zoning Board will decide whether to locate a battery energy storage facility south of Butte. Many Butte residents oppose the location, saying it would compromise scenery and safety.
During the pandemic, the Florida Legislature has taken note of many issues with the state's unemployment insurance program, but the lawmakers haven't delivered a comprehensive solution yet.
Drawing on user survey results, Utah has revamped how its official website presents services in order to reach younger generations. The state plans to offer even more services soon through its “Next Gen Citizen Portal.”
The company, which offers technology to help local governments set up and run their websites, is using certified partners so that agencies can use different firms for things like implementation and content development.
Plus, this week Code for America holds its annual summit event, Boston’s Digital Team shares case study giving transparency to its work, a map charts recent American migration data, and more.
The Partnership for Inclusive Innovation, a public-private partnership focused on spurring innovation, is working to move the needle on the mission to make the state the “technology capital of the East Coast.”
The pandemic spurred the county to launch a one-stop shop for resident services that’s proving to be a boost to public employees, too, sparing Parks Department staff an hour or more on each events permit application.
Digital marriage licenses. Zoom ceremonies. Everyday citizens becoming wedding officiants. Utah County, Utah's online marriage license system became a big hit after COVID-19 shut down most offices that issue marriage licenses.
Five years ago, a report from the municipal website builder OpenCities found many ways local governments needed to improve. Now a follow-up finds that they’ve improved in some areas, but still have plenty of work to do.
As the definition of literacy evolves to include digital and technological literacy, libraries are also evolving to include new technologies in their offerings to meet a wide range of community needs.
Middletown, Conn., leaders have decided the virtual meeting format adopted during the pandemic will remain — and incorporate AI. The new approach is offering residents unprecedented opportunity to engage in town business.
SolarAPP+, developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, is designed to take days or weeks out of the process of getting solar projects approved. Now Accela is bringing the app to its customers at no cost.
The book — co-authored by Tara McGuinness and Hana Schank — details examples of how tech and innovation can streamline governmental service delivery, and why it is important the country embrace it.