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Smart Cities

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Up until recently, the move to electric fleet vehicles in Cary, N.C., has centered on smaller vehicles, like police cars and riding mowers. Now, the city’s first side-loading garbage truck will be put into regular service.
The city has published a project request seeking proposals from companies to replace the city’s 2,500 single-space, coin-operated parking meters and 26 multispace parking kiosks.
The Public Service Company of New Mexico has asked the state’s Public Regulation Commission to approve a six-year "grid modernization" effort with $344 million in upgrades to its distribution system.
Argonne National Laboratory recently won a $25 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to establish an urban laboratory in Chicago called Community Research on Climate and Urban Science, or CROCUS.
Pilot projects using bidirectional charging equipment are turning electric vehicles into battery storage units, feeding energy back onto the grid when needed. Fleet vehicles are seen as prime opportunity for the tech.
The city’s municipal utility announced Wednesday it's boosting its Internet connection speeds through its fiber-optic division to offer 25 gigabits per second to all homes and businesses.
Commuters using several MVRTA bus stops will soon have access to Wi-Fi and device charging thanks to a $50,000 grant from the state. The stops could also include displays for real-time schedules and other information.
Duncan Public Utilities Authority trustees have approved the funds to patch the city’s current smart meter system, which officials say is obsolete. A replacement system is set to be installed in 18 months.
The UbiHub tool already is helping cities with traffic and curb management, and can be used for a variety of other tasks. The company is making a play to reduce costs and hassles for smart city projects.
Many residents have no idea what sort of data is collected by the myriad sensors, cameras and other pieces of smart city technology. A new project hopes to demystify the technology through embedded QR codes.
The Colorado Smart Cities Alliance announced the start of the Connected Colorado Challenge June 30, calling for innovative technology solutions to some of the most pressing issues facing cities in the state.
The deal will strengthen efforts by Siemens on smart city and infrastructure technology. Brightly, which sells its technology to public agencies, schools and hospitals, has some 12,000 clients.
A digital twin is to a computer model as live video is to a still photo. These virtual replicas can be used to understand and make predictions about a wide range of complex systems, including people.
After losing its top bidder, New Orleans wants to reissue a new RFP for a smart city plan that would address the city's digital divide, but Cox Business believes it should automatically get the contract.
Store deliveries via drone are finally more than just a futuristic concept for several Texas communities. Companies like Wing and Flytrex are testing out the long-term viability of the drone delivery concept.