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Smart Cities

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The 20-year contract will enable the purchase of solar photovoltaic energy and battery storage from Bonanza Solar. It moves the city closer to sourcing electricity from carbon-free sources by the end of 2030 and replacing coal-fired energy.
Tools like smart streetlights help cities understand what's going on at the ground level, but as solutions advance, officials say they should be easy to stand up and keep public privacy top of mind.
Numerous startups and other urban efforts are reorienting the smart city technology space toward one which more directly impacts the lives of residents and addresses the deepening climate crisis.
As cities develop microgrids for energy resiliency and increase the adoption of electric vehicles, they are increasingly turning to smart city technologies to enable these transitions.
Those at the helm of city technology offices often have to make the case for introducing digital innovation into processes and services. Their advice: Start with the projects people care about and that can show cost savings.
New understandings related to parking, micromobility safety, intersection activity and more are being realized thanks to smart transportation technologies. Officials say the data they are able to collect opens the door to new innovations.
Cuyahoga Green Energy has contracted with Compass Energy Platform to serve as the operator for the county-run microgrid electrical utility. Officials believe this is the first utility of its kind in the U.S.
Pilot projects have become a fixture of the smart city evolution. City technology leaders offered some of their own personal insights into avoiding catastrophe at the recent Smart Cities Connect Conference and Expo.
As cities update timeless technology like streetlights, they are laying the groundwork for smart city connectivity and data gathering. Artificial intelligence will help sift through the mounds of data these projects create.
The Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety gave New Jersey and 33 other states mediocre marks in its 2024 annual report grading state safety laws. One issue noted in the report was a lack of speed enforcement cameras legislation.
Too often, urban technology doesn’t scale across cities because it’s simply not ready for prime time, experts argued at the recent Smart Cities Connect Conference and Expo in National Harbor, Md.
A digital parking technology pilot in Arlington County, Va., is providing fresh, real-time data related to which areas of the city experience the highest parking demand and how to better manage those spaces.
The Environmental Tech Lab in New York City selected eight companies to explore proofs of concept as part of its inaugural Operational Efficiency Challenge and Data Utilization Challenge.
Smart cities and cybersecurity are inseparable. When you start integrating the Internet of Things with infrastructure, a city cyber attack is, unfortunately, inevitable. But that doesn't mean it has to be successful.
Efforts to make the city smarter has some residents concerned that the technology will be used to spy. But officials say that’s not the case and that a substantial public safety camera network has been in place since 2015.