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Health and Human Services

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The California Department of Justice recently launched a new online portal that gives survivors of sexual assault a way to track the status of the DNA evidence kits associated with their cases.
The deal, involving the new national suicide hotline, is the company’s first such statewide contract. The announcement foreshadows over gov tech business developments for the latest emergency dispatch option in the U.S.
Emergency and law enforcement personnel from across the region joined to announce a partnership with a telehealth medical group that will help first responders seek round-the-clock care for mental health issues.
San Diego County has launched two new efforts to help combat homelessness: the adoption of a policy enabling the use predictive analytics to help those at risk, and an app to help connect people experiencing homelessness with resources.
Cook County, Ill., is using a technology platform created collaboratively through a partnership with GiveDirectly and AidKit to distribute guaranteed incomes to more than 3,200 residents in need.
Two companies have announced a new partnership, combining Aclima’s air quality data with UrbanFootprint’s vulnerability data. The data shows disproportionate impacts on people of color and low-income communities.
City health and emergency workers in Allentown, Pa., are seeing the positive impact of the video remote interpreting technology as part of a pilot program to improve health-care accessibility.
The newly launched, public-facing portal will break down the number of cases of the disease by age group, gender, ethnicity, race and public health district. To date, the state has reported 153 probable or confirmed cases.
Wastewater surveillance is proving to be the most accurate and economical way to gauge COVID-19 activity in communities across the country, but funding for this type of tracking hasn’t been consistent.
Through the Love My Air program, the city of Denver is empowering residents and public officials alike to make better decisions with data related to air quality for personal and public health.
Babylon, located in Long Island, offers its workers doctor, therapist and even dietitian services via a tool from Radish Health. The town supervisor explains the benefits so far and what’s still to come.
The implementation of a natural language processing platform has helped the Allegheny County Department of Human Services better interpret the data on the children it serves through natural language processing.
The state launched the new telehealth option as an expansion of the federal government's initiative to increase access to COVID treatments, and now residents who test positive can get a free telehealth appointment.
Advances in technology and technique have turned weather into a booming piece of the tech sector with satellites, radars and developments in artificial intelligence, all aimed at making better predictions.
Crittenden County, Ark., which is home to roughly 50,000 people, is trying to create a one-stop shop for its residents to find services, ranging from government to nonprofits to local churches.