Civic Innovation

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To encourage city agencies to reimagine and transform their internal and public-facing services, Philadelphia, Penn., has established an accessible and flexible innovation grant process.
Plus, Maryland lawmakers have approved the creation of a new state digital equity office, the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance has launched a new pandemic recovery innovation challenge, and more.
CitizenLab’s recently announced decision to shift to an open source model will remove barriers to participation in an attempt to make the platform more accessible to all civic organizations.
Plus, San Francisco is hiring for multiple roles, a report examines the world of intergovernmental software co-ops, and a new organization has called on the Biden administration to create a local innovation unit.
Nearly 20 Democratic legislators on Tuesday introduced a bill to establish a statewide public banking program to provide low-income workers with access to no-fee money transactions and debit cards.
While there are important discussions to be had about privacy, data ownership, social media and corporate citizenship, private-sector partners have stepped up to play a crucial role in pandemic response.
Work from of the University of Miami’s Office of Civic Engagement plots the city’s affordable housing against anticipated sea level change to provide decision-makers with a comprehensive look at housing needs.
The broadband office of the North Carolina Department of Information Technology has released a template to help municipalities design localized plans for connecting families with reliable Internet and device access.
Technologists who have worked for and with the government say the change in presidential administrations has sparked new interest in public-sector tech efforts, and the moment is perfect for it.
Plus, the National Digital Inclusion Alliance announces its Net Inclusion 2021 Webinar Series programming, a new tech policy clinic at Princeton aims to connect researchers with policymakers, and more.
From communicating with residents to building lines of communication with county and state entities, four mayors discussed their experience with using open data in local government during a virtual event last Friday.
Plus, Philadelphia’s Digital Literacy Alliance has announced its winter 2020 grant cycle recipients, NYC overhauls its online vaccine finder platform and NYC releases a new broadband-related RFP.
Mayors and others involved with local government from across the globe convened online this week for the preeminent local government conference, during which equity was perhaps the most omnipresent focus of attention.
Facing unprecedented challenges to citizen service delivery in the months following municipal office closings due to the COVID-19 pandemic, local governments realized that to continue operating, they needed to rapidly migrate many of their manual citizen services and internal processes online
Experts, vendors and local government officials on designing online services in an accessible way while at the same time working toward community-wide banking equity.