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Within the first 24 hours of the social media platform’s launch, many government agencies and officials are already active on the Twitter competitor Threads. Is it the future of social media?
Following challenges to the federal government’s broadband data from local governments and residents, the White House has released each state’s funding amount for broadband projects. Alaska received the most per capita.
As citizens turn to online platforms to voice their satisfaction or displeasure with government services, some social media companies are encouraging the public officials behind those accounts to react publicly.
One of the nation’s largest libraries has nearly doubled its collection spending in the last five years in an attempt to keep up with patrons’ digital demands. But the push has introduced new headaches.
Libraries once struggled to keep up with demand for public computers. Now branches are removing them as they move toward a future built on providing a wide array of technology to patrons.
One-quarter of adults in the United States have some kind of disability. Are government agencies doing enough to serve their citizens equally — and ensure their safety in emergency situations?
A popular Oklahoma government TikTok account survived a statewide ban, highlighting what agencies lose when they leave the platform — a unique avenue for communicating with certain groups of constituents.
Agencies and higher education institutions nationwide are experimenting with autonomous vehicles and robots to provide mass public transit, food delivery and on-demand transportation for people with disabilities.
A North Carolina Department of Transportation autonomous shuttle pilot project collects and shares performance data and insights, including the common factors that cause service interruptions.
While more than half of states have banned TikTok on state-owned devices and networks, some governors still use the platform — and some unofficial accounts use their names and photos. Is it a cybersecurity risk?
A new survey of government office workers across the world found that “digital natives” — those who grew up with modern technology — are actually more likely than older employees to exhibit bad password habits.
The number of electric buses on America's roads — as well as the number of transit agencies using them — rose last year, according to new federal data. Here’s a tool to see whether your transit agency has any.
TikTok, the popular social video platform owned by Beijing-based ByteDance, has been banned on government-owned devices in several states for security concerns. The latest governors to ban it are in Michigan, Nevada and Arizona.
From staffing strategies and emerging tech to municipal spending and remote work, here's a data-driven look at the top digital cities nationwide from the Center for Digital Government's annual survey.
Many new governors and re-elected incumbents will now consider appointments to lead state departments. But an expert cautions IT leadership to resist the temptation to play politics as states’ power balance shifts.