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As a major California public transit agency grapples with ongoing public safety, funding and ridership challenges — the same issues many transit agencies are facing — its use of surveillance technology is evolving.
A survey from the gov tech company Springbrook Software found that most people prefer to pay their local government bills online, but they want easier navigation, better access to data and better payment options.
President Joe Biden signed an executive order to regulate artificial intelligence, but how are state and local governments handling it? Many are exploring how AI can enhance services, while others are temporarily banning its use.
The state recently launched an in-house secure online auction site, overcoming unique challenges. The project is projected to save the state $250,000 a year. Here’s a look at the most popular items listed.
Ohio's TALEN pilot program aims to create a statewide real-time crime center to create a network of thousands of public and private cameras. Records reveal several obstacles have stalled the project.
A small North Carolina town hosted a test pilot of an all-electric, autonomous public transportation shuttle. Survey data reveals what riders said about how they felt before and after riding. 
The Michigan Supreme Court has expanded new technology to make mediation services available to parents with busy and unpredictable schedules — but can domestic issues really be settled through text?
Survey data reveals rural libraries are significantly less likely to offer STEAM programming than their city or suburban counterparts. Here’s how small-town librarians are breaking past funding and resource roadblocks.
The U.S. Department of Labor has awarded the grants in an effort to modernize IT infrastructure for unemployment programs with cloud technology and user-friendly interfaces. Here’s who got the money.
Topline data on priorities, tech spending, innovation and workforce from the leading counties in this year's survey from the Center for Digital Government.
The use of chatbots is exploding across government agencies at all levels, according to survey data. A local government expert weighs in on the dos and don’ts of implementing one that actually works.
New York City leaders pleaded with social media companies to do something about the deadly trend of subway surfing viral videos. Now the tech companies are removing dangerous videos and publishing the city's PSA content.
Arizona launched statewide sexual assault evidence kit tracking software in 2019. But Phoenix, the largest city in the state, has opted out of using it. The agency now faces a new sexual assault evidence backlog.
“What’s in a name?” As some government agencies make their chatbots more human than ever, explore a growing cast of AI characters.
As a majority of states have moved to adopt sexual assault evidence tracking technology, some are fumbling launch deadlines and others have yet to make any significant progress to upgrade antiquated processes.