Jesse J. Holland

A merger would create a monster company with almost twice as many subscribers as its nearest rival, AOL Time Warner.
A bigger battle, getting the new agency off the ground, may be looming for the next Congress and the president.
Bill would create nationwide Amber Alert network to fill gaps in existing systems.
Technology upgrades aren't viewed by all as improvement.
Critics say the Amber Alert legislation should be a stand-alone measure, not part of a larger piece of legislation.
Democrats wanted the Senate's Amber Alert bill sent directly to the president so the bill could be signed into law more quickly.
The legislation would provide matching grants to states and communities for equipment and training for the Amber Alert network.
An upcoming procedural ruling on whether a last-minute amendment should be part of the bill could kill the process, and lawmakers would have to start over.
Some members of Congress are not pleased with the Department of Justice's unwillingness to share information with them.
Angered by a recent Supreme Court decision, Congress is looking to pass a new child pornography law that will address virtual child pornography.
The bill will make it simpler for the federal government to share information with state and local governments.
Wednesday marks the second time Ridge has visited Congress to stump for the Homeland Security Department.
The expansion of the Justice Department's wiretapping powers under the Patriot Act is causing some concern in Congress.
The legislation creating a Homeland Security Department won't be heard in the Senate until after the November elections.