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The U.S needs defined metrics and more data about cyber happenings across the nation, experts say. Otherwise, it’ll struggle to understand which practices and policies are most effective and where to invest more heavily.
If confirmed as ambassador-at-large, Nate Fick will work to promote international norms around good cyber conduct and see the U.S. take a stronger hand in shaping how technologies are developed and used.
The city of Barbourville has been awarded the nonprofit’s 2022 Cybersecurity Grant to help implement additional safety protocols and programs, such as multifactor authentication, advanced threat protection, and endpoint detection and response.
Higher ed’s complex array of systems creates a large attack surface, and institutions are likely to pay ransom. Meanwhile, K-12 schools struggle with cyber staffing but more often resist extortion, a global report finds.  
Witnesses testifying in a recent congressional hearing said domestic sources are playing a strong role in driving online falsehoods that undermine faith in elections and inspire real-world violent attacks.
Across the United States, many local governments and states — as well as private companies — are discovering their cyber insurance premiums have skyrocketed and that they must meet stricter guidelines
Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies have used third-party data brokers as a way to conduct broad surveillance without warrants or subpoenas. A federal privacy law could force a change in tactics.
The threat is fast, frequent and international. Keeping up may take stronger cross-border public-private partnerships, improved reporting rules, a higher national cybersecurity baseline and cryptocurrency payment disruptions.
The program, announced last week by Gov. Kathy Hochul, would provide county governments and select cities with endpoint detection and response tools to continuously monitor systems and protect against cyber attacks.
A newly released report by the county’s Election Security Review Committee called the security around election equipment “inadequate” and also called out the “serious problem” of threats against election workers.
Snyder, who was Michigan’s governor for eight years, brought on his former state CIO to start a cybersecurity company focused on small and medium-sized organizations. Its offerings include a “personalized concierge.”
Police are investigating a report that paychecks for a town employee were diverted to an incorrect bank through an apparent cyber fraud scheme, as part of a scheme that possibly went on for nine weeks.
The American Data Privacy and Protection Act would create the first nationwide privacy rules for technology companies and others, but a new federal law would supersede the California law passed by voters in 2020.
The Bellingham Public Library reported that a “limited number” of patrons were impacted by the recent cyber attack against the Whatcom County Library System. Officials say 735 patrons were affected.
Attackers who penetrate an organization can evade detection by using the victims’ own cloud-based services to conduct their data exfiltration and malware downloads. This is the latest evolution of living off the land attacks.