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Nikki Davidson

Nikki Davidson is a data reporter for Government Technology. She’s covered government and technology news as a video, newspaper, magazine and digital journalist for media outlets across the country. She’s based in Monterey, Calif.

Local governments are increasingly using technology such as kiosks, chatbots and online forms to streamline services, but are these tools accessible to everyone? Data reveals critical gaps that may have simple fixes.
Facing book bans and programming controversies, an increasing number of libraries are publishing data dashboards for transparency, public accountability and strategic focus.
Pano AI’s CEO discusses how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing wildfire detection and response by helping agencies optimize resource allocation and protect lives through smarter firefighting tactics.
After the success of an AI-powered wildfire threat detection pilot, the Washington State Department of Natural Resources envisions how a real-time camera response center could safeguard millions of acres of forestlands.
CIO, Prince William County, Va.
CIO, Maryland Department of Human Services
With driving while intoxicated arrests rising, Minnesota is turning to tech for solutions. The state is piloting cutting-edge roadside drug testing devices with unexpected participants: people arrested for DWI.
As the use of automatic license plate readers grows, Government Technology reviewed public safety agencies’ audits and policies to determine progress.
While many states have rolled out digital ID programs, the number of law enforcement agencies who accept them remains limited. One agency shared with Government Technology the challenges and successes they’ve experienced conducting traffic stops with users of digital wallets.
Laws requiring age verification for adult content and social media are spreading. That raises a question: How can companies and government reliably verify ages in the absence of centralized state digital ID systems?