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Nikki Davidson

Nikki Davidson is a data reporter for Government Technology. She’s covered government and technology news as a video, newspaper, magazine and digital journalist for media outlets across the country. She’s based in Monterey, Calif.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s FLIR technology helped catch Danilo Cavalcante after his escape from prison in Pennsylvania, but severe weather rendered the tool useless during a critical part of his capture.
The use of chatbots is exploding across government agencies at all levels, according to survey data. A local government expert weighs in on the dos and don’ts of implementing one that actually works.
New York City leaders pleaded with social media companies to do something about the deadly trend of subway surfing viral videos. Now the tech companies are removing dangerous videos and publishing the city's PSA content.
Arizona launched statewide sexual assault evidence kit tracking software in 2019. But Phoenix, the largest city in the state, has opted out of using it. The agency now faces a new sexual assault evidence backlog.
“What’s in a name?” As some government agencies make their chatbots more human than ever, explore a growing cast of AI characters.
As a majority of states have moved to adopt sexual assault evidence tracking technology, some are fumbling launch deadlines and others have yet to make any significant progress to upgrade antiquated processes.
As Montana searches for a new CISO, the man leaving the position, Andy Hanks, will be working to improve the cybersecurity of small government agencies nationwide.
Wisconsin will be getting a new CISO following the departure of Alan Greenberg, who held the position since May 2021. The state has released few details about the reason for the staffing change.
Eager for a chance to prove their value, many public safety agencies are starting with donations and grants to implement new drone programs. The gifts are proving useful to inspire additional funding for devices.
Thousands of files have been uploaded to public data portals by local and state government agencies. Access data from San Francisco may hint at what the public actually wants to see.