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Residents of San Joaquin County farming towns will be able to order "thousands of everyday items" online and can expect a drone to drop them in their backyards in less than an hour, said an Amazon spokesperson.
The Railroad Commission is turning to artificial intelligence to address increasing seismic activity across West Texas. A machine-learning algorithm has been programmed to process seismic data and reduce backlogs.
Plus, a change in light bulb regulations that would drastically reduce carbon emissions, 3D-printed concrete and a record-setting year for zero-day cyber attacks.
In March, the U.S. House of Congress quietly gave the National Air and Space Intelligence Center at Ohio’s Wright-Patterson Air Force Base a role in the investigation of unidentified flying objects.
A skyscraper built entirely from local timber not only reduces the amount of greenhouse gas-emitting construction materials, but also captures carbon from the atmosphere and uses AI to analyze its energy needs.
San Diego's Shield AI, a startup that makes artificial intelligence software to power military drones and other aircraft, has raised $90 million in venture capital and $75 million in debt in a new funding round.
NASA is creating an independent team to study “events in the sky” that defy explanation, but it is not using the term UFO, instead calling them “unidentified aerial phenomena,” which is considered more accurate.
Efforts like reducing carbon emissions are important to fight climate change, but cities should also be looking at how they can reinforce roads, stabilize electric grids and use new technologies to build resilient communities.
California-based autonomous trucking company Gatik will begin making paper product deliveries to Sam’s Club locations across North Texas. The autonomous deliveries are set to start in July.
In response to several mass shootings, the company announced that it was working on drones armed with Tasers to stop shooters. Now that work is paused after most of the company's ethics board resigned in protest.
As natural disasters grow more severe across the country, local governments are increasingly using predictive analytics to understand where and when an emergency will impact their communities.
The Federal Aviation Administration again has delayed completion of its environmental review of SpaceX's plans for an orbital launch of its Starship and Super Heavy rocket from Boca Chica, Texas.
General Electric is receiving a new $13 million grant from the federal government to go toward development of power equipment that burns hydrogen in addition to — or instead of — natural gas.
A Virginia-based company has received a large federal contract to establish the first Space Networking Center at Grand Forks Air Force Base in North Dakota, as well as a similar facility in Alabama.
The merits and pitfalls of pursuing nuclear power in Montana were recently debated by experts on both sides of the spectrum, with some telling a committee it is too costly and renewable energy should be pursued.