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A federal agency has awarded $2.1 million to a pair of companies to use AI algorithms to monitor the quality of 988 operators' suicide risk assessments, building on the crisis hotline's rollout nationwide one year ago.
The funding will establish an Institute for Inclusive and Intelligent Technologies for Education on the Urbana-Champaign campus. The research focuses on non-cognitive learning skills among K-12 students.
Former ACLU of Idaho Legal Director Richard Eppink said at a U.S. Senate hearing that a lack of public transparency and other factors led to damaging effects when the state tried to use algorithms to determine Medicaid funding.
The city implemented a system to identity and detect drone activity in restricted airspace or near critical infrastructure. The deployment comes well ahead of the FAA mandate that requires drones be equipped with remote identification capability.
Concern over problems such as collisions and light pollution have been increasing among government agencies, astronomers and others as the number of launched and proposed low-Earth orbit satellites surges.
Artificial intelligence, already in use among police, budgeting officials and others, now could help employees with support tasks at public agency jobs. That could save time and workplace frustration.
Dow and X-energy Reactor Company have announced that Dow has selected its UCC1 Seadrift Operations manufacturing site in Texas for its proposed advanced small modular reactor nuclear project.
Drones will be used to inspect the city’s power infrastructure, officials reported this week. The devices offer a faster, safer way to inspect transmission lines compared to in-person visual inspections.
The choice may be to either shut down coal burners or upgrade them with carbon capture and storage technology that has yet to be utilized at the scale necessary for the country’s largest power plants.
A new world of problem-solving tech companies is fast emerging in our time, and today's students have a lot to gain by venturing out of the classroom, whether by field trip or Zoom tour, to see it for themselves.
InnovateUS, a training ground for public agency professionals, has released a free, interactive video centered around the use of generative AI. The video aims to fill a need for AI education among government officials.
Virtual reality technology was on display during South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol’s joint address last week. The broadcast from C-SPAN featured a clearer view of Yoon, interspersed with wide-framed shots of the chamber.
The ed-tech platform Copyleaks has developed an AI-assisted tool to eliminate human bias and discrepancies in the grading process, aiming to provide consistency in grading while helping teachers save time.
The new design is a scaled-down version of the AP1000 reactor, which has endured two decades of regulatory licensing, testing, supply chain and workforce development, construction and operation.
A network of clean hydrogen plants and pipelines could by mid-century deliver carbon-free fuel around Texas and the world, generating $100 billion a year for the state’s economy.