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Emerging Tech

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Although digitizing government has become easier, the amount of unstructured data agencies hold remains a steep barrier to full transparency. Artificial intelligence could be the answer.
Plus, the sweet spot for 5G penetration, a VR fix for “lazy eye" in children and a hyperlocal alternative to Nextdoor for getting to know neighbors online.
Yesterday, the ACLU said it filed a lawsuit against the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training because the agency didn't respond appropriately to an ACLU records request about facial recognition.
California has built up a substantial network of labs to look for concerning coronavirus variants over the past year, and now the scientists in those labs are developing new strategies to quickly identify omicron.
The governor announced a state-endorsed push towards electric vehicles, including an increase in the number of public EV charging stations throughout the state. The program is being called “Drive Electric Alabama.”
As use of new technology by government continues to increase, experts and advocates in the space say that public servants should be keenly aware of the potential to exacerbate long-standing biases.
State government officials in Tennessee are attempting to gauge the impact that electrical vehicles could have on funding for Tennessee highways. The more electric vehicles on the road, the less the gas tax works.
CEO Patrick Cozzi, whose Philadelphia-based software company Cesium is positioning itself as a major player in the construction of the “metaverse,” explains what the metaverse is and how it will work.
The product release comes as more departments seek out augmented and virtual reality technology to sharpen the skills of first responders. That has led to more money flowing into this growing area of gov tech.
Plus, GAO discusses value of a federal academy for developing a pipeline of new tech talent, and the Federal Communications Commission seeks comments on its new affordable connectivity program.
The National Institute of Standards and Technology has published a request for information in the Federal Register about the use of emerging technologies in both the public and private sectors.
NASA plans to crash a spacecraft into an asteroid in the “world’s first planetary defense test mission” of its kind. Although the plan might sound like the basis of a science fiction disaster movie, it’s not.
The startup’s new tool gives people the ability to search for specific properties or browse and filter by attribute. It also seeks to tell users not just what a property is now, but what it could be in the future.
As artificial intelligence gains ground among governments, firefighters and other first responders could soon depend much more upon the technology. As the market grows, various companies are gearing up in different ways.
Thus far, Pacific Gas and Electric Company has installed 46 AI-equipped cameras in areas of California that are at high risk of wildfires. The technology is supposed to help the company detect smoke before fires spread.