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As the federal government moves forward on assessing and using artificial intelligence technologies, three partners are working to ensure people with disabilities are engaged throughout the process.
Colorado is closer to becoming the center of the nation’s quantum technology universe with the award of $40.5 million in federal money, which will also leverage $77 million in state commitments.
Plus, Waymo reports 50,000 weekly driverless taxi rides in three major cities, research finds investments in renewable energy are paying off and parrots, it turns out, like to FaceTime their friends.
Although the exact date has yet to be finalized, the Silicon Valley drone technology company Matternet will launch its pilot program in its Northern California home city later this year.
The roundtable exercise at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory included nearly 100 representatives from across U.S. government agencies as well as international collaborators on planetary defense.
Since the idea of electric air taxis emerged, Los Angeles has been vying to be one of the first cities to utilize the technology to help people avoid its infamous bumper-to-bumper traffic.
Washington state’s attorney general has announced the members of its Artificial Intelligence Task Force. Here's how Washington’s approach aligns with, and differs from, other state efforts.
Researchers will be comparing these measurements with those from an instrument on a commercial satellite last year that provided hourly daytime measurements of air pollution across North America.
Defending technology in space requires a range of strategies, and an open-minded approach is key to preparing for inventive attackers and an evolving tech environment. A new report aims to help.
The utility company aims to “promote the next generation of innovation,” its Regional Vice President Teresa Alvarado said. Startup incubator Plug and Play will handle daily operations; it said the city has helped make connections.
A hydrogen fuel-powered passenger train set a Guinness World Record for distance traveled on a test track in March. The trains, from Swiss manufacturer Stadler, are slated to go into use in San Bernardino County, Calif.
The Autonomous Robotic Pickup Platform, a project launching next week in Detroit’s Transportation Innovation Zone, will start by testing small sidewalk delivery bots to collect food waste for compost.
The U.S. Air Force now admits what thousands of residents have known for months — sonic booms from Vandenberg Space Base regularly rattle a large swath of Southern California, across more than 100 miles of coastline.
Annapolis, a city expected to experience record flooding this year, is currently changing how City Dock — an area of land that connects the city’s downtown to the waterfront — looks and operates.
Boeing's Starliner capsule with two astronauts aboard was finally launched into space Wednesday after a series of delays that have vexed the troubled aerospace giant.