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The Destination Box, called DBX, is a gray storage locker about the size of a parking space and a few feet taller than a person. On top of each box is a large netted area where drones drop off packages.
Some experts say the new European Union Artificial Intelligence Act could have implications for U.S. ed-tech developers who sell products in the EU, especially if it influences domestic policy changes in the U.S.
DC Compass, a new GenAI-based tool launched by the district in partnership with Esri, offers users answers to data-related questions. It is now available in a public beta version to improve its speed and accuracy.
Mars Sample Return is an ambitious yet imperiled NASA mission whose rapidly ballooning budget has cost jobs at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and drawn threats of cancellation from lawmakers.
Developed by state agencies, the regulations are intended to assist entities and vendor partners on incidental and intentional GenAI procurements. Their release follows considerable state explorations in generative AI.
The nonprofit accelerator, which focuses on government technology, says the 10 startups will show off their offerings before officials from several municipalities. The areas of innovation could foreshadow the future of the industry.
Gov. Tina Kotek addressed Oregon’s Artificial Intelligence Advisory Council Tuesday at its first-ever meeting. She created the council Nov. 28 by executive order; it has 12 months to deliver a final recommended action plan.
The federal Department of Homeland Security on Monday released its first artificial intelligence road map, which includes three AI pilot projects to test the technology's impact. Map goals include making DHS’ use of AI more transparent.
San Jose, Calif., has announced several steps to shape AI governance, including an open letter to stakeholders, a resource toolkit and an invitation to participate in its growing GovAI Coalition. A meeting is set for next Wednesday.
West Virginia is partnering with health technology firm GATC to integrate artificial intelligence into the state’s pharmaceutical research in an effort to accelerate the discovery of safe, effective drugs.
Plus U.S. social media rankings, the 60 football field-sized data centers worth $25 billion coming to Arizona and Chipotle's pilot for a robot to make its guacamole.
The European Parliament held a vote on the EU AI Act Wednesday in which a majority of members voted to adopt the regulation — marking the establishment of a model in artificial intelligence regulation for governments worldwide.
As governments increasingly fold artificial intelligence into their hiring processes, the question emerges: Does AI increase or reduce bias? Some experts argue that, when implemented responsibly, it reduces bias and directs a focus on skills.
Texas added more solar capacity than any other state in 2023 — topping California for just the second time — according to a new report, which attributes the growth to a boom in utility-scale projects.
New York City leaders on Thursday announced milestones met in the city’s Artificial Intelligence Action Plan. These include the establishment of an AI Steering Committee and the publication of guiding principles.