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The Pittsburgh International Airport is spearheading a first-of-its-kind bioaerosol identification and detection technology pilot to help discover potentially hazardous airborne toxins.
A new push from startup gov tech firm Polimorphic seeks to offer more efficient and precise searches of government websites. If successful, it could lead to reduced calls to public agencies and happier citizens.
Catching convincing AI-fabricated evidence is still a work in progress, but courts could benefit from thinking now about how they might confront the challenges posed by the emerging technology.
The use of chatbots is exploding across government agencies at all levels, according to survey data. A local government expert weighs in on the dos and don’ts of implementing one that actually works.
Luzerne County will conduct a pilot program in the Nov. 7 election, as 30 of the county's 186 voting districts will use a new electronic poll book system while the other districts use paper poll books.
An autonomous tractor from Illinois firm Sabanto aims to solve two issues plaguing modern farming: the growing scarcity of labor in rural areas and the increasing costs of machinery.
Spaceport America is positioned to capitalize on the future, according to an economic impact report that highlights its unique competitive advantages: location and a proven track record of successful launches.
Cybersecurity expert Daniel Charboneau discusses the intersection of AI and cybersecurity and how personal AI will change the way citizens interact with government agencies in the future.
Stack AV this week announced the launch of its autonomous trucking business in the city. The company leverages self-driving technology to improve efficiency and enhance safety in the trucking industry.
The nonprofit has accepted eight new companies into its gov tech accelerator program. Those startups work on AI-powered lawmaking, food waste reduction, court access, citizen engagement and other areas.
The images come from a new instrument in space that will provide hourly updates on air pollution across North America — a satellite called TEMPO that tracks pollutants on an hourly basis.
Learn how enterprise service management (ESM) can support digital transformation for your organization. With ESM, you can improve service delivery and efficiencies both in IT and in other departments.
In Mitchell, S.D., a handful of city departments, including the police, emergency management, parks and public works, are among those that intend to utilize the new unmanned aircraft system, if approved.
Juan Sequeda of discusses key technologies and provides his perspective on how AI can be used to empower state and local governments.
The previous ordinance, passed in recent years, had stated that unmanned aerial craft could not be flown over the city's police station or public parks, but the FAA said the city doesn’t have agency to decide that.