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Justice and Public Safety

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A newly formed team of certified drone operators will give police in Medford, Ore., eyes in the sky, helping them with everything from crime scene reconstruction to tracking suspects on the run.
In July, the Kokomo Police Department and Howard County Sheriff's Office each launched new apps to help the agencies better communicate with area residents, and officials say the technology is already paying off.
Sheriff Scott Nichols Sr. got approval Tuesday to spend up to $205,000 to buy hybrid cruisers and equip them, after being notified that five ordered in February would not actually be coming.
The county has partnered with Pano AI tech to monitor for wildfire activity. The technology uses high-definition cameras and artificial intelligence to help spot fires, check fuel conditions and zero in on specific locations.
ShotSpotter and Durham leaders agreed on a contract, clearing the way for the gunshot surveillance company to install acoustic sensors in the city, and the company has asked public schools in the area to participate.
There is a booming and borderless economy of digital scamming that siphons billions of dollars every year from low and middle-income Americans and has grown almost exponentially following the onset of the pandemic.
An investigation into a 2021 crash in California that killed nine people has prompted the National Transportation Safety Board to call for alcohol-impairment detection tech to be installed in all new cars.
A new state-of-the-art crime laboratory in Cumberland County will help local police process evidence and name suspects faster than other central Pennsylvania departments, officials said Tuesday.
The new platform will provide access to training mandated by the state as well as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and other required training. It will also allow the department to track its training compliance.
The new radios include next-generation technology that would give the department improved coverage and may play a role in future school safety plans, according to Albany County, N.Y., Sheriff Craig Apple.
An earthquake in the California city Tuesday gave residents the first real-life test of the alert system with a loud tone and instructions to seek cover. Residents near the epicenter were too close to get an early notification.
The imagery and intelligence technology relies on private aircraft, crowdsourcing and even the U.S. Forest Service to provide tactical data to first responders and residents. Bridger recently said it would go public.
SAIC, based in Huntsville, Ala., has developed technology to track and take control of drones suspected of smuggling drugs or invading restricted airspace. The technology can identify and take command of UAVs roughly six miles away.
A tracking tool that is used on Zillow's website violates the privacy rights of the tens of thousands of prospective homebuyers and sellers who use the real estate website, according to a new lawsuit.
Oregon Department of Forestry type 3 helicopters were forced to reroute after a personal drone was spotted in the air above a structure fire that spread into nearby wildlands in Medford yesterday.