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Justice and Public Safety

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The Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services has implemented a fleet management software to monitor its vehicles. The cloud-based technology helps the agency oversee critical operations from any location.
Coral Springs is about to become the latest Florida city to deploy surveillance cameras on objects like traffic light poles. The city will start off with 10 cameras and continue to add to the system.
The annual effort helps firms access expertise and other resources, which in turn can lead to better tools for local and state governments. Among the areas of focus are benefits programs and bodycam video management.
A Florida judge has ruled that a Costco website doesn’t violate user privacy with tracking software and that the situation is not akin to being illegally wiretapped. Other cases have received similar rulings recently.
The city of Brownsville, Texas, gets many complaints from frustrated drivers about how out of sync its red light system is. Now the city is collecting data from traffic detectors so that traffic flow can be improved.
After the terrorist attacks on 9/11, political leaders made a number of changes to how homeland security is maintained. Some experts say these changes are still having negative effects on people's rights.
Late last month, a class-action action lawsuit was filed against St. Joseph's/Candler Hospital Health System, which suffered a ransomware attack that could have exposed the data of more than a million people.
As they responded to the terrorist attacks on 9/11, public safety professionals struggled to communicate with each other due to tech issues. Twenty years later, FirstNet exists to ensure this doesn't happen again.
The Spring Hill Police Department in Tennessee has proposed a new street camera pilot program to the city it serves. The program, which uses tech from Flock Safety, is intended to stop criminals, not regulate traffic.
The company’s buying spree continues with the purchase of Arx, whose cloud-based software is designed to improve access to law enforcement data. The move could help agencies strengthen ties with residents.
The topic has divided city leaders for years, with opponents concerned about the cost and necessity of the tech. But residents who came out in droves to support the cameras left the meeting satisfied following the vote.
The Yolo County District Attorney's Office in California is one of the first places in the state to embrace a software that redacts people's names, addresses and racial statuses from police reports.
Several residents of Hamilton, Ohio, have complained about a drone harassing and spying on them over the last couple of years. Now the city council is preparing to take action with drone regulations.
The move combines two software providers for first responders, with technology that covers a wide range of tasks. The deal comes amid an ongoing wave of recent M&A activity in the government technology space.
A lawsuit filed by the Oakland Privacy Advisory Commission in California states that the Oakland Police Department has, among other things, given the FBI access to license plate data without any oversight.